Cancer Horoscopes

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CANCER- week of 12/3-12/9

this is the CANCER sun sign and rising sign horoscope (be sure to listen to both sun sign and rising sign- aka ascendant) themes this week: MERCURY TRINE CHIRON- twice with both mercury and chiron stationing direct!!! great week to be in therapy and to have deep,...

CANCER- week of 11/26-12/2

this is the weekly horoscopes for CANCER for monday november 26th through sunday december 2nd. some highlights include the jupiter/pluto semi square, venus quincunx chiron and opposite uranus and uranus square the nodes! big changes incoming in relationships, finances...

CANCER- week of 11/19-11/25

this is the weekly horoscope for monday november 19th through sunday november 25th be sure to listen to both your sun sign and rising sign (aka ascendant) with a full moon this week and tense neptune/pisces- it’s important to question what we think we know, what we...

CANCER- week of 11/12-11/18

this week’s horoscope for monday november 12th through sunday november 18th!

we have great astrology for taking action early in the week. with the nodes moving into new signs we also have few focus on where our growth and evolution is as well as what karma we are being asked to deal with and bring to completion. on friday venus goes direct and mercury stations retrograde. changes of heart and mind in process!

listen in for more- be sure to listen to both sun sign and rising sign (aka ascendant) for complete forecast for you personally.

CANCER- week of 11/5-11/11

we have a powerful week ahead! a lovely new moon in scorpio while jupiter is in the last degree of scorpio. a jupiter/uranus quincunx (change is in the air!) at the karmic completion degree. jupiter moving into a new sign bringing opportunities for expansion and growth into new areas of our chart! some lovely astrology incoming! be sure to listen to horoscopes for both your rising sign (ascendant) and sun sign.

CANCER- week of 10/22-/10/28

there is some big astrology this week! strong uranus- which means change is in the air! luckily we also have some solid saturn showing us what is enduring and reliable in our lives at the same time. with pluto on the karmic south node- a call to massive karmic clearing is in process. death precedes rebirth! let go to grow!

CANCER- week of 10/15-10/21

sorry the horoscopes are posted late! the wifi in egypt was not working and now it’s 3am and no one is using it so i can finally post :)

this week mercury/venus brings important messages- and from tuesday to friday some potent activations around communication and relationship. listen in for more!

CANCER- lunar horoscope 10/8-11/7

this is the lunar monthly horoscopes for the new moon in libra 10/8/18 to the dark of the moon 11/7/18. with new moon square pluto and venus retrograde this is a DEEP month. underworld journeys to retrieve light, face karma, clear out the past. lots of uranus keeps us on our toes! be willing to let go of what you are attached to that no longer serves!

CANCER- week of 10/8-10/14

this week starts off with a dark moon and quickly turns to a new moon monday night. with the new moon and sun square pluto deep things are coming up and out. with mercury in scorpio opposite uranus we have some shocking, revealing, illuminating information/communications/aha moments incoming. listen in for more!

CANCER- week of 10/1-10/7

this week’s astrology is very focused- all on the signs of LIBRA and SCORPIO. these are the two signs venus will retrograde through and this week it’s where the sun and mercury (libra) and where venus stations retrograde (venus). we are heading into a DEEP DIVE into the Underworld of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. listen in to see how this plays out for your sign and how you can work it more consciously.