Thursday February 27th 2020

CANCER- week of 9/26-10/2


i think it would be safe to say that since the summer of 2010 you have been experiencing forces of deep transformation and change in your life- and you can thank saturn, uranus and pluto for that. this week there is more in store for you- and it might be intense, but i can promise you that it is all for the Highest good. i know that hind sight is 20/20 but living consciously requires that we learn to see clearly and accurately in the moment, not just when looking backwards. this week’s new moon is in your cancer house and it helps you start a whole new chapter in your home/family life as well as in your inner, psychological understandings of yourself. this new moon is quite activated- with an opposition to uranus in your career house and a square to pluto in your relationship house. major change, transformation, and death/rebirth processes are going on in all major aspects of your life! but the biggest change of all is happening within- can you feel it? saturn has been in your house of home and family since late 2009 asking you to ground, restructure, purge and do some karmic clearing of any unresolved stuff you have around family, your home life and how you root yourself and find security. venus will aspect both saturn and chiron this week bringing up old wounds and pain around these areas of life- but the purpose is to move through it, not dwell and hold on to it. mars in your money and self-worth house harmoniously aspects this new moon- showing that the outlet for process the intense energy this week is a focus on abundance, generating income, and building your self-worth in the process. you are the sole guider of your ship! you are the creator of your world. you can manifest what you want- you don’t need others to create/support/live your life for you. that is the main reason for the astrological deluge you’ve been under since last summer (especially early born cancers- last 10 days of june). when you really get this- you will be ready to step up and into a whole new level of being and authority.

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