Monday September 28th 2020

CANCER- week of 9/2-9/8

this week’s new moon (exact on thursday) Lights up your 3rd house of mind, thinking and communication- making it a great time to get mentally clear and focused on what needs to be said, addressed and/or released (in the form of old toxic beliefs). new moon are times to plant seeds and set intentions- so taking time to contemplate and clarify what you want and need is key. this new moon is opposite chiron, the wounded healer, asking that we shine a Light on all our old wounds and pain around worthiness, lovability and acceptance. with chiron in pisces part of healing (and wounding) is around boundaries, emotions and how we deal with them, and a tendency to play the savior or victim at the expense of our own well-being. with chiron in your 9th house a deep healing around beliefs passed onto you from ancestors can be key. the tendency to check out, idealize, fantasize and/or be in denial about reality in the hopes that things will change are all things to address right now. on monday mercury makes a tense aspect to mars in your house of money- so be conscious of any thoughts or communication around money as they can tend to get out of hand. on that same day mars makes a tense aspect to neptune- so it is very important that you get clear, honest and in integrity around money-related issues. pretending things are not there or omitting some aspect of the Truth is as good a lying- to yourself or to others. be aboveboard in all your dealings and you will be protected! on tuesday the sun opposes chiron and quincunxes uranus in your career house- which can bring up some major revelations about you or about others, some of which may be painful or unnerving. seeing Truth as it is is key right now! you can only get to what is possible when you fully own what is presenting itself right now. on friday pluto in your relationship house makes a sweet aspect to the evolutionary north node in your 5th house of creativity, children and passion. major opportunities to evolve, transform, shift and change the nature of your relationships are present right now. some may be able to be regenerated or reformed, while others may need to be fully let go and released. either way- the main focus is evolution, growth and transformation- so if any connections in your life hinder or thwart that take it as a hint that it’s time for them to move on and out. by wee’s end as the sun sextiles jupiter in your sign the glass if half full or at the very least you see the silver lining. the possibilities help buoy you as you move through life- cutting away the dross and clearing yourself out for some new delight. it’s foundational work that will reap rewards in the future. think long term rewards and keep your eye on the prize!

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