Monday September 28th 2020

CANCER- week of 8/5-8/11

with uranus in your career house tensely aspect the north node of evolution and destiny on monday there are potential windfalls and sudden openings heading your way career wise, but also possible upheaval and sudden, unexpected change playing out in matters pertaining to children, your creativity and/or relationships. new energy is trying to come in but in order to do so the old has to move out. as one of the signs that LOVES to hold onto the past- this can be an exercise in releasing your need to be in control and opening up to a Greater flow of energy trying to move you forward in life. this is a good mantra to keep in mind all month long as jupiter in your sign triggers the uranus/pluto square starting this week and lasting all of august! on wednesday jupiter opposes pluto in your house of relationship, which can incite or activate power/control dynamics with others in your life. the best use of this energy is to be the agent of change in your life and embrace the changes playing out in important relationships in your life. but the shadow side is thinking you have the hold on the Truth and that others are the ones who are in the wrong. there are many facets of Truth, but the moment you lay claim to the All you put yourself in a precarious place that can have some serious consequences. learning the fine art of give and take is key for the health of relationships- and this is never more important a lesson than it is right now in this potent month of astrology. to add to all of this several of the Dark Goddess energies are in your sign right now- which can go one of two ways. the best of the Dark Goddess energy is to be willing to see your own shadow, go beyond the ego surface and see the deeper psychological Truths within yourself. the shadow is to identify with the Dark Goddess’ unhealed anger, rage and victimization. embracing our own empowerment means taking personal responsibility for our lives and how we show up in them! this is key this week. and last but not least a new moon on tuesday in your money house has you focused on the bottom line. yet mercury square to saturn on sunday shows where the cracks are in your financial plans. the inflow has to balance the outflow- if it’s not there could be some reality checks headed your way by week’s end.

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