Monday September 28th 2020

CANCER- week of 8/12- 8/18

now that the new moon has kicked off a new cycle in your house of money and self-worth, this week with mercury in this same house making several aspects there is more focus on your values, your worth and your bank balance/bottom line. mercury in the house of money is a great time to think about your finances and have communications with others that will help support your abundance. yet mercury forms a yod, or finger of god/goddess, with pluto in your house of relationship and chiron in your house of Higher Self. pluto/chiron demand that we address the shadow of power and control (where we give it away or lord it over others) as well as our old wounds and pain around worthiness and lovability and how those wounds can run our lives and choices. for you looking at these shadow and wounds and how they can unconsciously run your relationship to the material side of life is key. with leo in the 2nd you can find that you not only love nice things fit for a queen or king- you may even feel you deserve them! yet worthiness and abundance must be realized from the inside, as it does not matter how much you have externally if you don’t have it internally it will all be a facade. focusing on how the Unconscious desires for more run your life are a great use of the energy this week- and if you can do that and really own what you see by midweek when mercury trines uranus in your career house you can get some visionary ideas about how the work you do in the world can bring in that abundance you seek! to add to this pluto goes head to head with the Great Mother Goddess ceres, also in your money house, asking you to release some of your attachments to entitlement or feeling you deserve something and/or dealing with some heaviness in your one-to-one relationships around money. considering you are the sign of the mother this hits home more for you than any other sign! home is where your heart is- not where your expensive belongings are. this is key for you to master right now! by the end of the week venus moves into your house of home and family, bringing focus to your roots, foundation and inner experience. in the coming weeks venus will form a Grand Cross in the angles of your chart so you can either brace yourself for upheaval and change or you can open your arms and embrace shift, freedom and liberation. it’s up to you!

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