Monday September 28th 2020

CANCER- week of 5/14-5/20


major shifts are set to happen this week and they are activating the most hidden, spiritual part of your chart- the 12th house of the Unconscious.  on tuesday venus stations retrograde here and she commences her 6 week journey inward/backwards helping you to revisit and/or complete past karmic connections involving relationship and finances.  venus rules your 4th house- the house of home and family (the cancer house!) so there is some major inner, foundational shift going on that has deep ties to past life relationships or experiences.  then on sunday the solar eclipse falls in this same hidden house (12th) and opens up the eclipse portal energies that will last for the next several weeks.  this solar eclipse is square to neptune, the natural ruler of the 12th house and the ruler of your other spiritual house (the 9th).  the spiritual/mystical implications of this eclipse are profound!  yet you may have to navigate through fears/shadow/confusion in order to get to a deeper awareness of what is real.  the coming couple of months can be dramatic in their effects- as the whole purpose is to help you become aware of/integrate and/or release aspects of your past so that you can become more of Who You Really Are.  pay attention to your dreams this week and over the next couple of months.  messages are sure to come in that will rock your world- but you have to have the ears (openness) to listen.

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