Thursday December 3rd 2020

CANCER- week of 2/3-2/9

this week is a light one astrologically speaking- and the astrology that does happen is very watery which is your element and very supportive of your experience this week. on monday ceres, the Great Mother asteroid Goddess, moves into scorpio and your 5th house of children, creativity and self-expression. ceres is the asteroid counterpart to your ruling planet the moon- and having her in a fellow water sign is great for emotional nourishment and nurturing! ceres in your 5th house supports loving care shared with children, beloveds and of course yourself! it’s a great time to tap into what brings you joy and what your passions are- as this is how your Soul will feel nurtured and Loved. on wednesday jupiter in your sign trines the wounded healer chiron in your 9th house of Higher Self- bringing spiritual awakenings, openings and growth! jupiter/chiron is wonderful for healing old wounds of the past- and for you this also extends to healing your mind and any split you may have from the Truth of Who You Are. the next day mercury stations retrograde in your 9th house- making the coming weeks a great time to dive down and deep spiritually and esoterically. mercury rules your 12th house and stations retrograde in your 9th house- both of these houses are associated with spirituality and illumination. taking time in the coming weeks to retreat, reflect and introspect is key. this is not a week to be a busy body- it’s a week to be at home in your own sphere and contemplate your origins as well as the path ahead. on 2/12 mercury will backtrack into aquarius- shifting his focus to 8th house matters (sex, money, debt and transformation)- but until then it’s all about the Light and bringing more of that into your daily experience!

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