Sunday December 8th 2019

CANCER- week of 12/24-12/30

with the full moon in cancer building all week long you definitely are in the direct line of this potent lunar energy that can go one of two ways (and perhaps both?). firstly it is highlighting your relationships and where parent/child dynamics play out. if you are playing the parent to your partner OR if you are seeking a parent as your partner- problems are likely to crop up in relationships this week. some aspect of how you relate is dying- it’s time to shift the paradigm and move on. but cancer is notorious for attachment to the past- and sometimes the Universe has to come along and cut your little crabby claw off to get you to let go! i recommend facilitating the changes/endings that are happening right now as you tend to move through them with more grace and ease that way. the other way this can play out is bring to Light where your path is digressing from that of your significant others and what you need to do to come more into integrity and more into your power. this can necessitate endings in certain connections, or it can necessitate major shifts in roles being played. either way evolution in your life is playing out in two arenas: your career and your intimate relationships. if either one is lacking this is the week to address it for sure!

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