Sunday January 24th 2021

CANCER- week of 12/14-12/20

the week starts off with a twofold focus. on the one hand the sun in your 6th house of work, service and health is bringing amazing ideas and insights about how you can grow and expand your work or how you can get healthy, vibrant and vital in your everyday life. you want to pay attention to what you hear, say or what ideas come into your head- as they can be positively potent (particularly if they have anything to do with writing, teaching or speaking). yet on the other hand mercury in your relationship house links up with saturn and neptune- helping you to have realistic conversations with others that allow you to see reality and get clear on what is even possible in certain relationships in your life. midweek venus in fellow water sign scorpio links up with uranus and pluto- deepening certain Loves and desires in your life while creating space and perhaps separation from others. venus/uranus on friday can bring sudden creative ideas that can influence your work and purpose- so pay attention. on friday the sun squares the nodes, bringing you to a pivotal point of choice in work matters with decisions that need to be made. on saturday mercury aligns with pluto in your relationship house, which can be great for deep, penetrating and Truthful communication with others but it could also unearth power/control dynamics with others that are not any fun. the key is in steering clear of trying to have power over others and instead work on having power over yourself (your little self). be willing to have real, raw communications and speak your Truth- and at the same time allow others to do the same. on sunday mercury squares uranus which can bring upsets but also insights and new visionary ideas that could help shift things in your relationships or in your career trajectory. sunday is the deepest darkest day in the northern hemisphere. take time out of your busy life to turn within, sit in silence and listen to that still small voice within you that has something important to say about your relationships and what needs to evolve or what needs to die so you can move into a new part of your journey in life.

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