Saturday December 14th 2019

CANCER- week of 12/12-12/18


the week starts off with the warrior mars in your 3rd house of communication square the nodes, bring certain conversation and communication to a head or crisis point.  this aspect will occur two more times between now and next july- so what comes up is just a starting point.  with the north node in your house of work, service and health you are being asked to do your due diligence and get organized, efficient and hard-working.  mercury stations direct on tuesday in this same house- and near the same degree that the solar eclipse fell at on thanksgiving.  the new beginnings you have intended when it comes to your work, well-being and organization are ready to be acted upon.  important conversation and communication had on tuesday can bring to Light just what you need to be focusing on to get things on track.  the week ends with venus in your house of relationship square to saturn, the ruler of your house of relationship, in your 4th house of home and family.  issues are likely to crop up in committed relationships right now.  there is a need to restructure things, find better boundaries, and get key connections into integrity.  if things feel off, disconnected or depressing- take a breather.  turn within, get clear on what needs to be dealt with, and then do it.  the only way out is through.

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