Monday September 28th 2020

CANCER- week of 1/14-1/20

with this week intense and profound energy playing out in your 7th house of relationship, it is safe to say that the nature of your relationships (past and present) are radically changing, transforming and perhaps even ending. with venus and juno conjunct pluto this week you are being asked to honestly assess the structure of relationships and see where things may be out of alignment, out of integrity and/or just plain not working anymore. it’s a great time to question your needs for safety and security and see where you may be selling yourself out and/or trying to recreate parent/child dynamics from childhood (seeking the daddy/mommy figure and/or playing the daddy/mommy figure you never had). the best use of this energy is to honestly confront what is not being looked at, letting go of what does not work and transforming/empowering yourself and your present or future relationships in the process. with saturn and chiron harmoniously connecting in with both venus and juno, deep healing and grounding are possible right now- if and only IF you are willing to see your own shadow. are you game?

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