Saturday December 5th 2020

CANCER- week of 11/16-11/22

typically venus in your 4th house is a sweet transit for being at home and spending time with family- yet on monday of this week venus aligns with fierce Dark Feminine black moon lilith and on friday she squares pluto in your relationship house- excavate some deep stuff and shadow dynamics in your relationship life, home/family life and/or inner life. taking time to really confront what is coming up for you and perhaps getting in touch with any repressed anger and rage can be super healing for you this week. on tuesday the sun aligns with mercury in your 5th house, bringing important ideas, information or communication regarding your passions, your children or your heart’s desires. with both bodies linking up with the evolutionary north node you’d do well to pay attention and take notes as what arises this week is like the north star pointing your Soul in the right direction for your next level of growth. on wednesday neptune stations retrograde in your 9th house of Higher Self- bringing a mystical albeit confusing and illusory energy into the middle of the week. neptune station energizes the saturn/neptune square that is exact for the first time next week- which is all about you confronting your ideas about reality, Truth, belief and possibility. with pisces in the 9th you tend to be very trusting and idealistic- yet saturn reminds you that you must work for your dreams (no silver spoons in the mouth!). on friday as venus squares pluto watch out for power/control dynamics in your relationships- they could get out of control if the energy is not worked with consciously. by the week’s end the sun and mercury move into your 6th house of work, service and health- and next week they align with saturn and square neptune. this is the week to get super focused and committed to your own path of integrity, honesty, inner work, health and well being. because saturn rules your relationship house there can be some moments incoming (or already have arrived) where you are being asked to see others and yourself more clearly. from this place of radical honesty and appraisal decisions can be made in key relationships in your life. be sure to make these decisions with eyes wide open to see reality but also heart wide open so you are taking action from Love.

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