Tuesday June 2nd 2020

CANCER- week of 11/12-11/18

hard earned lessons in romance, creativity and/or children are up this week. with both saturn and the north node in your 5th house you have major opportunities to grow up and master these areas of life- but the growth is not easy and it does not come without some growing pains. this week has so much focus in this house- you cannot escape the picture being formed! tuesday’s solar eclipse in scorpio (the first in the scorpio/taurus series) shines Light on where your evolutionary path is and helps you get very quickly from point A to point B. thing is, if you are holding onto the past with your crab like claws- the Universe may have to cut your arm off in order to get you to let go of what no longer serves you! learning to let go is never easy for a cancer- but you must if you want to create space for the new, vibrant energy of the future to have room to come in. on friday as mars moves into your 7th house, relationship issues can really heat up! if things are not being dealt with and are being swept under the carpet- expect them to come up. learning how to deal with your anger is key. on saturday as the sun aligns with mercury and the north node- pay attention to important communications/thoughts/ideas coming in. something is being revealed to you and it’s important stuff- so take note.

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