Sunday July 25th 2021

CANCER- week of 10/22-10/28


the beautiful water trine this week is very auspicious for water signs like yourself. with ceres, the mother asteroid, in your sign and all the scorpio action in your 5th house of children and joy you have the potential to really come into the Divine Mother energy in your life in deeper and more Soulful ways. add to that the neptune/chiron energy in your 9th house of Higher Self and your path of nurturing and caretaking others can get taken to spiritual levels! yet with saturn and the north node in your 5th house a lot of your growth and karmic lessons are tied up with children, joy and creativity. on thursday as the sun aligns with saturn and mercury aligns with the north node you can have some major aha moments and insights into what your path of growth and mastery requires of you over the next 2 1/2 years. this is a time of buckling down and getting serious about your fun and creativity. it could be a time of getting pregnant, or greater responsibilities cropping up around children- or it could be a time of doing something more masterful with your creative energies. whatever it is, it’s not a time of sinking into your crab shell and waiting for the storms to pass. it’s time to face them, brave them and master the elemental energies are you!

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