Saturday June 6th 2020

CANCER- week of 1/12-1/18

on monday the ruling planet of your career house (mars) moves into your house of Higher Self, showing that some powerful initiative and action-oriented energy is available to you right now. the key to making the most of the next 5-6 week transit of mars through pisces is to align with your Highest Vision and Higher Self first and foremost, and the career benefits will naturally follow. opportunities to travel, teach, write, speak, publish and learn are available to you now- so embrace them! of course mars makes his way to cojoin neptune, which can infuse you with inspiration and vision OR delusion and pipe dreams. on wednesday mars squares saturn, which is a reality check aspect that demands you get clear on what you have to DO to earn what it is you are dreaming about. neptune in your 9th house ignites lofty fantasies, but saturn in your 6th house is here to teach you about organization, efficiency, hard work and commitment to service. midweek your 8th house of intimacy, transformation and empowerment is in focus- as many planets link up to both mercury and venus (the mind and the heart) in this deep, transformative house. opportunities to do deep shadow work and see your own short comings/fears/karmic patterns are present.

the good news is that uranus, pluto, chiron and the north node all link up to mercury and venus in harmonious ways- so you have the force of evolution and change on your side. all you have to do is stay open to inner and outer shifts in your life (which means you need to let go of your attachments to the past). on wednesday pluto squares the nodal axis from your relationship house, bringing you to pivotal points of choice in your most intimate relationships (romantic, business and otherwise). the uranus/pluto square triggers the nodes the last half of january- and this is HUGE astrology. you can find yourself at a crossroads in your relationships- and you want to be sure you choose consciously which way things are going to head. Unconscious or ego-based choices can cost you- but conscious ones made with an awareness of the long-term implications can take you far into the future. with the north node in your 4th house- your growth is tied up with rooting down, finding grounding in your inner and outer life, and attending to the foundations in your life. you likely have some powerful career aspirations right now- but they are only going to launch out in a big way if the foundation you build your life on is solid. if you find any weakness in your inner structures- channel your energy into addressing them. the career/life path/purpose benefits will surely follow.

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