Friday June 5th 2020

April Monthly Horoscopes

April has your name written all over it as all the personal planets end up in Aries at some point during this fire starter month! With Uranus in your sign for 7 years you are awakening to a greater sense of yourSelf, your path and your role as an activist. Watch out for tempers flaring or assertion turning into aggression, as so many planets in your sign does not make you the best compromiser or peace maker. Pay close attention to mid month as opportunities for change, but also intense communication, present themselves. The month ends with a powerful Lunar Eclipse- initiating us into a potent eclipse portal of change, transformation and evolution. With your 2nd and 8th houses highlighted the material aspects of life are a focus. It’s time to clean house financially and get your ducks in a row. Debt, shared money, power, financial and sexual boundaries are a focus. Learning to let go of needing to be in control is not easy, but necessary this month.


As the month kicks off you’d be best served if you can take some time out for yourself to introspect, reflect and reconnect with your Soul. Do it sooner than later, as mid-month the planets shift from your 12th house to your 1st house- bringing you out into the open and raring to go. The earlier part of the month will help you build reserves that the latter part of the month will be burning through- you don’t want to go into the red! The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th falls in your house of relationships, bringing a climax, crisis and/or culmination to certain relationship matters. You are in a watershed moment regarding partnerships and a lot of karmic lessons are coming up for resolution. At the end of the month as all the Taurus planets oppose Saturn in your 7th it can feel heavy and depressing- but please don’t stay stuck there. Use the energy to motivate yourself to take personal responsibility for your life and move further on your path of mastery. It’s time to kick those limiting karmic patterns of attachment, materialism and/or resistance to change to the curb!


You are one of the signs that has a better time this month, as Jupiter is gracing you with a protective presence throughout the month. With Sun/Jupiter on the 1st you can find yourself believing in the possibilities and chomping at the bit to make them a reality. The key is to temper your energy and courage so that you can implement things with a long-range focus in mind. Mid-month as your ruling planet Mercury activates the Uranus/Pluto square you can find yourself in powerful communication or in hot water with friends or community connections. If you stick to the Truth and do not stray from it you ensure your protection. The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th Lights up your house of work, service and health- asking you to get serious about your daily routines and overall health and well-being. If in typical Gemini fashion you are all over the place doing 10 things at once- this eclipse can be a reminder that you are human and that you need to attend to your physical vehicle if you want to live to be a ripe old age. In work and health related matters deal with the details and the bottom line. It may not be fun, but it’s necessary.


It’s a powerful season for Cancer right now. Spring has sprung and a huge focus is on your life path, purpose and career direction. On the 6th as Venus and Mars align in your house of career you have the potential to plant seeds that can grow into something spectacular! On the 12th Pluto stations retrograde in your house of relationship. Pluto has been here since 2008- helping you to radically transform your relationships and of course yourself in the process. Light flings are a thing of the past. For you the most profound growth you can experience is through intimate connection with others. How you navigate that territory is up to you though. You can choose to experience deep Union and transformation with another OR you can choose conflict, power/control dynamics and shadowy underworld behavior. Either way you will shift! Pay attention to the 20th and 21st as Mercury triggers the Uranus/Pluto square. Powerful career opportunities and/or intense communications with partners can arise- perhaps both? The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th Lights up your house of creativity, children and romance. Something is ending so something new can begin. Let go so that you can grow.


The month starts off on a high note as your ruling planet the Sun connects with expansive, optimistic Jupiter on the 1st. This is a great time to see the possibilities and believe that they can come true! Mid-month as Venus moves into your career house you have a lot of energy focusing on what you do in the world. The Sun and Mars will follow suit towards the end of the month and all 3 planets will oppose Saturn in your house of home and family. This heavy, intense energy is forcing you to reappropriate your energy and renegotiate your commitments. With Saturn in the foundation of your chart there are karmic obligations you cannot renege on, yet your career and work in the world needs focus, too. The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th will definitely bring things to a head, a climax and/or a crisis. Any unresolved home or family matters can come up to be addressed. Things may not be fun, but whatever you commit to or alternatively let go of right now will have long-term implications- so think hard and use wisdom and foresight as you make decisions at the end of the month.


With a powerful Sun/Jupiter connection at the start of the month you are supported in focusing on grounding, mastery and your dharmic path of life purpose that lies ahead. On the 4th Pluto sextiles Chiron, helping you to deepen your communication with significant others and experience profound healing of the mind and heart. Mid-month as your ruling planet Mercury moves into Aries your communications are taken to deeper waters. On the 20th and 21st Mercury will activate the Uranus/Pluto square- which can bring sudden revelations and/or sudden shifts to Light. It’s a fierce time with a lot of potential to cut through the BS and get to the Truth. The Lunar eclipse on the 25th Lights up your house of communication- helping you to see where you are not speaking your Truth or not seeing yourself or the world around you clearly. It’s a great time to purge your mind of old beliefs, attitudes or thought-processes that really don’t serve you. A new frequency is coming in and your Higher Self is reaching out! But you have to let go of the clutter that keeps your mind cloudy. Think of the Eclipse as a mental colonic: purge, release and renew!


It’s a dynamic month for Libra as April kicks off with a Venus/Mars conjunction in your house of relationship. You have the potential to seed a brand new cycle in partnership which necessitates a letting go of the old ways of doing and being. On the 12th Pluto stations retrograde in your house of home and family- bringing focus to your roots, foundation and the deep, distant past. Subconscious memories are more accessible right now- it’s a great time to be in therapy, do dream work and/or contemplate and introspect. Mid-month Mercury moves into your relationship house and by the 20th and 21st he will activate the Uranus/Pluto square that has been uprooting and rearranging your life since the Summer of 2012. Pay attention to communication happening around this time- as new ideas as well as sudden changes are likely to erupt into your life. The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th Lights up your house of money, values and self-worth, bringing the material aspects of life to climax, crisis or culmination. It’s time to get your financial ducks in a row. Lack comes from within- so focus your energy on building your inner worth and healing your self-value and you’ll be amazed at how the outer reality shifts along with it!


You are entering into a profound month- one that kicks off with your ruling planet Pluto stationing retrograde on the 12th. With your ruler stationary in your house of communication and thinking you have powerful opportunities to dive deep into your Subconscious mind and access shadow material you aren’t aware of. This is a great time for a shamanic journey- but watch out for power/control dynamics or mental manipulation, from yourself or others! Mid-month Venus moves into your house of relationship and the Sun and Mars will follow suit. All of these planets will oppose Saturn in your sign, testing the foundation upon which certain relationships are built. Connections that are meant to be will make it through- but they definitely will be tested. The Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month (25th) is in your sign and it is asking you to take stock of your life and your direction. Too much going it alone is not healthy but too much focus on others is equally detrimental. You are being asked to strike a new balance in your life where Self and Other, give and take, Me and You live side by side.


The month starts off on a positive note as the Sun aspects your ruling planet Jupiter in your house of relationship- helping you to see the possibilities and embrace the growth and evolution happening in your most intimate relationships. On the 12th Pluto stations retrograde in your house of finances, asking you to dig deeper to access wealth and release your attachments to a certain outward display of material success that may be limiting your ability to embrace your Soul’s purpose in the world. The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th is a powerful one for you as it Lights up your house of the Unconscious. This can be a deep time for dreams, intuition and psychic impressions. It is also a time of bringing up some of your greatest fears and Unconscious shadow so that you can own them, integrate them and move beyond them. With Saturn in this same house for another 2 years you are learning some profound lessons and you are purging some ancient karma. If things feel heavy or hard know that this, too, shall pass. Your typical light-hearted Sadge energy will return- just like the Sun returns after a heavy rain. If you find yourself in the rain dance in it and let it cleanse you. You are in a powerful period of release and renewal.


The month kicks off with Pluto in your sign sextile to Chiron in your house of communication, deepening your path of transformation and evolution in communication, thinking and creation of your own reality. This is a long term transit that is helping you to heal your mind- that place from which all imbalance and dis-ease comes from. On the 12th Pluto stations retrograde, taking you down and in and supporting a shamanic journey to the center of your Soul. You are in a long term Pluto transit (until 2023) which is a once in a lifetime opportunity to rebirth yourself! Pay attention to the 20th and 21st as Mercury can bring sudden insights, changes and/or intense communications with others. All you need to see is that things are changing and then support the inner and outer shifts. The Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month (25th) falls in your house of friendship and community- bringing a climax, crisis or culmination to hopes, dreams and your connection to the world around you. Capricorn is a loner sign, but right now it’s not a time to go it alone. It’s a time to join forces and collaborate. No man is an island!


With Pluto in your house of the Unconscious sextile Chiron in your house of money at the start of the month, you are in perfect position to see how your own shadow and Unconscious beliefs in lack or limitation is restricting the flow of abundance you want to see in your life. With Pisces in your money house you can generate income through spiritual or creative means, but dealing with bills, debt and the bottom line is not your forte. Yet mastery of this very area of life is key right now. On the 15th Venus moves into your house of home and family and the Sun and Mars will follow suit. All 3 of these planets oppose Saturn in your career house- asking you to find a new balance between home life and career focus, personal time and public position. With Saturn at the top of your chart you may have to give a little on the personal front in order to attain the success you seek- yet you have to beware of burnout. The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th Lights up your career house, bringing a climax, crisis and/or culmination to your life path, purpose and Mission on planet earth. Pay attention to what is working and what is not working around this time as the Universe is trying to guide you, but if you don’t get the message a nudge will turn into a shove in the right direction.


The opportunities for deep and profound healing and transformation involving friends, community connections and your deepest hopes and dreams are present this month. On the surface this healing may involve a particular person or idea, but on a deeper level it is about how you meet and engage with life. Boundaries are a focus- setting them and taking care of your own needs and personal integrity are a necessity right now. Throughout the month the personal planets make harmonious aspects to your ruling planet Neptune, who is currently in your sign (until 2025). The opportunities for healing, intuitive and psychic communication are powerful this month! All you have to do is listen to your heart and speak your mind. By month’s end as the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th Lights up your house of Higher Self you have opportunities to see where your beliefs or understanding of the Bigger Picture limits you. Owning your own shadow and owning your power are necessary right now. The shift possible this month is nothing short of amazing, but you won’t benefit from it if you hide in denial, avoidance or addiction. Speak your Truth and set yourself free!


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