Tuesday April 7th 2020

Astrology Classes with Divine Harmony

Astrology ClassesDo you want to learn the sacred and scientific art of Astrology? Did you know that in all ancient mystery schools a working understanding of astrology was a prerequisite to go deeper into the mysteries? Astrology is an amazing tool for self-study and evolution- and can be a gateway into deeper and more expansive understanding of the Cosmos and your place in it! Join Divine Harmony’s Astrology Classes to dive deep into this fascinating topic!

Divine Harmony’s popular In-Depth Astrology: FoundationSeries has been updated and upgrade and is now accessible on her online Kajabi classroom. The next live class will be July 2020 but you can access the previous class and watch at your own pace by registering for it here- https://divineharmony.mykajabi.com/offers/JHUzLpNi/checkout

The Foundations series covers the planets, the signs, the houses and the aspects- the four cornerstones to a working understanding of astrology. The classes are taught from an In-Depth, psychological and spiritual perspective- so even if you have been studying mainstream astrology for a while you will find insight from DH’s unique perspective. The classes are also very interactive, using celebrity charts as examples to see how astrology translates into real life experience.

DH is also offering herIntermediate Series Level 1 & 2 in late Winter/Spring of 2020. These classes are usually only offered one at a time and alternating every other year- but this year they are being offered back to back in March and April/May respectively.

Please Note:the Foundations Series is a prerequisite in order to take the Intermediate classes.

Intermediate Series- In-Depth Astrology
Level One and Level Two
(a 2 part series)

Intermediate Level One
meets once a week for 4 weeks
March 18th, 25th, April 1st & 8th of 2020
Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm

A deeper look at aspects (major and minor- looking at sacred geometry and numerology)
Ruling planets
Chart synthesis- how find the overarching theme(s) of the chart

Intermediate Level Two
meets once a week for 4 weeks
April 29th, May 6th, 13th & 20th of 2020
Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm

Returns- solar, lunar, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, nodes, chiron
Synastry- the astrology of how we relate to others
Composites- the magical 3rd that is created when 2 people are in relationship (romantic, family, business, friendship and more)

Both classes have homework that is not graded but is given to help you anchor in the teachings. Please plan to invest 3-5 hours of work each week both in terms of homework, reviewing notes and studying charts.

Class size is limited and only open to those who have taken the foundations course.

Each Intermediate Class Series is $400. If you register for both at the same time you get $50 off and the total is $750.

To register and receive the discount please email me here- https://divineharmony.com/contact-dh/

To register and pay for the Foundations Evergreen Course click here here.

To email requesting more information please contact DH here.