Thursday December 3rd 2020

welcome to a new year…

welcome to a new year! did you know that that naturally the new year is not exact until the spring equinox each year (around march 20th or 21st)? the end of winter/beginning of spring is the natural time of starting a new cycle- which is what the new year represents to many of us. it wasn’t until the gregorian calendar was created in the 1500’s that the new year began to be celebrated on january 1st. i like to consider spring equinox the natural new year and january 1st as the manmade new year. one is based on the cycles of nature, while the other is based on man. yet regardless of what they represent, they both can be utilized as opportunities to work with the cycles of endings and new beginnings, death and rebirth.

many people make new year’s resolutions at this time of the year- things they intend to do/complete/take on in the upcoming year. considering the powerful and intense astrology of the last few weeks of 2012 and the first of 2013, i think it may be more appropriate to call them new years REVOLUTIONS (thanks to a reader who suggested this to me). with uranus square pluto lasting until 2015 we are in prime astrological territory for looking at what is no longer in integrity/alignment or no longer working in our lives (personally and collectively) and then doing something to change that. a few of my new year’s revolutions are to take 2 full days of work off to prevent burn out and have sacred family time, to disconnect from my computer after work hours so that i unplug from the matrix, and to green juice every day for my health. what are some of yours? :)

this coming year looks to be very auspicious. not only do we have the next 2 uranus/pluto squares in a series of 7 that lasts until 2015, but they both happen to be bookended by eclipse portals which will amp up their energy considerably (for more info check previous blogs on 2013 and the yearly forecast that will be up this week or next). on top of that we have an amazingly powerful and positive grand water trine building right now and perfecting itself in the summer (june-august). with jupiter, saturn and neptune aligned the potential for amazing shifts in consciousness, spiritual evolution and heart openings are tremendous!  for those of us that are water signs (like me!) it is especially auspicious, but really for all of us it is as the planetary triangle will light up certain parts of your chart and bring an opening of some kind somewhere in our lives.

i am really excited for the year ahead. to me it is a year of many things: it is the year of the Goddess (see my previous blog with the same title for more info), the year of living in paradox (moving from this or that to both/and) and it is the year of integration. it’s time to shit or get off the pot (so to speak). it’s time to take action and create change (uranus/pluto) but to do so with deep empathy, awareness and compassion (grand water trine).

it’s going to be a great year! and i wish you all the most growth, joy and Love you can contain…with grace and ease!

~divine harmony

p.s. i always call things in with grace and ease- we do have a choice in how it manifests, you know? ;)

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