Monday January 18th 2021

weekly horoscopes 6/8-6/14 <3 FREE FOR ALL <3

these are the weekly horoscopes for monday june 8th through sunday june 14th

i am sharing these horoscopes publicly as it’s such an exceptional week with the 2nd PLUTO/ERIS SQUARE right smack in the midst of a TRIPLE ECLIPSE PORTAL!!!

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lastly this SUMMER SOLSTICE SOLAR ECLIPSE PORTAL on june 20th is IMMENSELY SIGNIFICANT (it is winter solstice in the southern hemisphere). because of the potency of this time i am co-hosting an online at home retreat full of yoga, astrology, sacred music, ritual, community and a meditation during the time of the eclipse. come join us! for more info click here-

lovely image by my sister and student susy farmer <3

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