Monday June 1st 2020

weekly astrology blog for 7/26-8/1

***all times are PDT***

monday july 26th-
the moon is in avant garde, detached, cerebral aquarius all day long. this is a time to focus on social causes, humanitarian endeavors, and individuality. be aware of the shadow side of aquarius- the need to be so different that one cannot fit in, and unhealthy disconnection from feeling and emotion.

the first aspect of the day occurs at 12:23am when mercury in leo contraparallels retrograde neptune, followed by mercury’s opposition to neptune at 3:02am- making a super opposition of mercury and neptune in the wee hours of monday morning. with the conscious mind and intellect opposite spiritual, mystical neptune- pay attention to your dreams for messages from the unconscious! communication and conversation had today (particularly this morning) can be sensitive and spiritual in nature OR it can be illusory, confusing and deceiving. being clear on what is true for you and speaking with integrity and responsibility for your words is key. tune into intuition and psychic capacity and try to stay out of communicating from ego.

at 4:03am the sun in leo quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn, pitting the conscious self and ego in it’s own sign against the lord of the underworld. egotism and power/control dynamics can erupt today if you don’t get a handle on your need for control- so be aware! the best use of pluto is to allow him to unearth Truth, expose shadow dynamics and confront us with unconscious behavior. softening the ego is key in order to make use of the transformation available to us now- stay aware of when ego is dominating your consciousness!

at 4:30am the sun in leo trines retrograde jupiter in aries, taking the expansive and abundant energy of jupiter and turning it inwards towards the unconscious. jupiter brings growth and optimism, and right now that growth begins within. let jupiter assist you in accessing deep parts of your unconscious while staying optimistic and courageous- the gifts of fire signs leo and aries.

at 7:40am mars in virgo quincunxes retrograde neptune in aquarius, sensitizing and spiritualizing the warrior, but also perhaps dissolving his boundaries so much that we have difficulty asserting ourselves. with neptune aspecting mars we can focus our our energy on spiritual, mystical goals and acts of service, but having healthy boundaries and knowing when to say no and when to put our foot down is also key. being spiritually evolved does not mean having no sense of self- it means having a sense of self while simultaneously having a sense of the All. this morning we have a plethora of opportunities to find balance between the physical and the spiritual, the ego and Divine will. again, watch your dreams upon waking as all this activity takes place in early morning hours (PDT) and can show up as messages from the unconscious during dreamtime.

the last aspect of the day occurs at 10:07am- and it’s a big one! saturn in libra opposes retrograde uranus in aries, making for the 5th and final saturn/uranus opposition- a transit that began in fall of 2008. with the planet of reality, tradition, convention and what is opposed to the planet of sudden change, the future, growth and what can be- we have a push pull between the energies of control and rebellion. with these bodies in libra and aries (the other 4 oppositions were in virgo and pisces) the areas of life being activated are the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, relationships and self-sufficiency, compromise/peace keeping and assertiveness/healthy expressions of anger. saturn in libra is teaching us lessons in relationships- how to work with others, not always have it our own way OR always give in to another’s way, and how to have healthy boundaries in relationships. uranus in aries is teaching us lesson about being assertive, passionate, courageous and driven. uranus is waking up anger and asking us to learn how to process it. where ever you are at with aries energy- too yang/angry/fiesty or too yin/passive/submissive- you are asked to find balance by working on what is difficult for you. if you always give in and surrender to another’s will- right now you are asked to stand up for yourself. if you always get your way and act the part of a brat- right now you are asked to learn to take other people’s needs into consideration, even before your own. there is no ‘cookie cutter’ way that this transit will work for everyone. it really depends on your relationship to the signs of libra and aries, as well as to the planets saturn and uranus. what this is for you personally shouldn’t be news as the cardinal cross has been activating this since june or even earlier- so tune in to see what the lesson is for you. change is afoot- and the best way to move through it is to work with it and take responsibility for whatever is going on in your life. see it as something you called in- and see what the lesson is. and then figure out what needs adjusting and do it. now is the time!

tuesday july 27th-
the moon starts off in avant garde, unique, cerebral aquarius and goes void of course at 8:47pm for just over 4 hours (into tomorrow morning).

the first major aspect of the day occurs at 9:18am when mercury at the last degree of leo (and conjunct the royal fixed star of regulus) opposes retrograde chiron in aquarius, bringing conversation and communication that has the potential to bring both wounding and healing. with the conscious mind and intellect in ego-centered leo and conjunct the royal fixed star regulus, the tendency to come from major ego in communication today is high. reigning in the ego and embracing leo’s gifts of truth and integrity instead can help us have important conversations with others without getting defensive and dogmatic. when chiron is involved old wounds can come up that relate to childhood or past lives. what plays out this morning/today is merely activating something deep within. chiron also brings the opportunity to do deep healing work but he requires that we truly look at what is being activated within and become conscious of our own shadow material. if you can keep this awareness in mind in any communication had today you can find that deep healing occurs while sharing your Truth with another.

at 2:43pm mercury moves out of leo and into virgo, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from fire to earth, bravado to timidity, self-focus to service oriented. with mercury in his home sign of virgo our minds and intellects are focused on the details and are more analytical and able to see what’s missing- so watch for being overcritical! the coming weeks are a great time to focus on getting organized, being clear on details in your projects/relationships/work endeavors, and focusing your mind on what needs to get done in the spirit of service.

the only other aspect today occurs at 9:42pm when mercury newly in virgo quincunxes retrograde uranus in aries- pitting the lower mind against the higher mind and making for insights, intuitions and flashes of knowing that come out of nowhere! with mercury in virgo the mind is attuned to details and to what can be proven or understood linearly and logically. with uranus nothing is linear or logical- so staying open to inspiration and information that comes from other means is key if you want to glean the gifts uranus has to give. tonight conversation and communication can be liberating and paradigm shifting or it can be unstable, unsettling or rebellious. open your mind and see what flows in :)

wednesday july 28th-
the moon starts off void of course in social, detached, rebellious aquarius and shifts into mystical, sensitive, compassionate pisces at 1:00am. the shift from aquarius to pisces is from air to water, intellect to emotion, mind to heart. pisces moons are times to connect to intuition, inspiration, imagination and psychic abilities. pisces is unconditionally loving, empathetic and able to feel everything- including stuff that doesn’t belong to it- so pay attention to your boundaries. be aware of the shadow side of pisces- oversensitivity, victimization, and turning to addiction in order to deal with sensitivity.

the only major aspect today occurs just after midnight at 12:37am when mercury in virgo semisextiles saturn in libra, bringing grounding, maturity and focus to the conscious mind and intellect. conversations and communication had today is serious and likely talking about the long-term. with saturn in libra talks about relationships- beginnings, endings, commitments, etc…- can occur, and with mercury in virgo being attentive to the details is supported. being clear with others and speaking from a place of integrity and honesty is key when saturn is involved. this aspect occurs in the wee hours of the morning so pay attention to your dreams for messages from the unconscious.

thursday july 29th-
the moon is in compassionate, romantic, spiritual pisces all day long and goes void of course at 8:44pm for 5 hours (into tomorrow morning).

the first aspect of the day occurs at 1:46am when mars at the last degree of virgo (the degree of mastery) quincunxes retrograde chiron in aquarius, causing tension between the warrior and the wounded healer. chiron’s tense aspects activate wounding, insecurity and vulnerability that often harkens back to childhood or even past lives. with mars involved the wounds activated have to do with our masculine nature, ability to assert ourselves, have healthy boundaries and express healthy anger. with mars in virgo the tendency to criticism, perfectionism, and overanalyzing can also come up. currently jupiter and uranus are in aries , waking up the warrior and helping each of us to find a healthier balance of the Divine Warrior and Sacred Masculine within. acknowledging any wounds we may have around the warrior and the masculine is key in the healing process- and today we get the opportunity to do just that.

at 5:45am mars at the last degree of virgo contraparallels retrograde uranus in aries, bringing a sudden, electric energy to the Divine Warrior which can awaken or produce anxiety (your choice!). uranus in aries is helping liberate the warrior and helping us to wake up to our power, will, drive, passion, anger and rage that has been repressed. the point is not to express it all no holds barred- the point is to connect with it, see what it is asking of us, and be in our integrity and Truth by expressing what is true to our nature. with mars energetically opposite uranus, waking up the warrior can be experienced as freeing or it can be experienced as volatile. again, pay attention to your dreams for important messages from the unconscious about what aspect of the warrior you need to heal and awaken within.

at 9:01am retrograde neptune in aquarius quincunxes juno in cancer, bringing tension and a need for adjustment in committed relationships. neptune is the planet of spirituality and mysticism and with juno he can bring idealism, romanticism and unconditional Love, but he can also bring delusion, deception and confusion as well. juno in cancer yearns for stability and security in relationship- and with neptune’s aspect there can be a tendency to see what you want to see in another OR to project what you think another wants to see rather than be real. being clear and in your integrity in relationships and commitments of all kinds (romantic and otherwise) is key today.

the last celestial occurrence of the day happens at 4:47pm when the Divine Warrior mars moves out of virgo and into libra, where he will continue to activate the grand cross planets in dynamic and at times dangerous ways over the coming weeks. mars governs will, drive, passion, assertiveness and aggression- but when he is in his opposite sign of libra (mars traditionally rules aries) his boundaries are soft and perhaps even diffuse, his will is weakened, and his tendency is to passive-aggression rather than over aggression. the high side of mars in libra is a commitment to peace and an ability to put energy into effectively working with others. with libra it’s always about a balance- so finding that place within that honors both yin and yang, feminine and masculine, assertiveness and receptivity is key.

friday july 30th-
the day starts off with the moon void of course in spiritual, empathetic, romantic pisces and at 1:42pm the moon shifts into assertive, dynamic, warrior-like aries. the entire first half of the day is spent in a moon void which makes the morning very potent in feminine, intuitive energy. turning within is recommended this morning- as is reflecting on endings and new beginnings (the shift is from omega to alpha- pisces to aries). the shift from pisces to aries is from water to fire, within to without, omega to alpha. aries moons are times to initiate things, pursue desires, and make your mark on the world. aries brings a lot of energy into emotions and is raring to go. be aware of the shadow side of aries- impulsivity with emotions, lack of self-control, selfishness and lack of awareness of other’s needs and desires.

the first aspect of the day occurs at 3:03am when mercury in virgo trines retrograde pluto in capricorn, harmoniously aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the lord of the underworld. conversation and communication had today can get deep, penetrating, insightful and Truthful. pluto’s propensity to get to the heart of matters can help us to be open, authentic and deep in our interactions with others.

at 3:43am mercury in virgo quincunxes retrograde jupiter in aries, helping to expand the mind but also perhaps overstimulating it as well. with jupiter there is no sense of boundary or limitation- so learning to reign things in (and shut up- jupiter is aspecting mercury after all) is a good lesson to master. both of the above mercury aspects occur in the wee hours of the morning so pay attention to your dreams upon waking for messages from the unconscious.

at 6:30am mars in libra opposes retrograde uranus in aries- echoing the opposition by declination that occurred between these two yesterday morning, making a superior opposition out of the two that stretches over a couple of days. dealing with our warrior energy is key today! how we express anger, assertiveness, will, passion, and aggression is key to self-mastery. it’s not about repression and it’s not about full throttle expression with no sense of how our energy impacts others. it’s somewhere in between. where you are extreme in one respect or another- constantly cow-towing to other’s desires and not standing up for yourself OR fighting and dominating others at all times- stuff can come to a head today. learning how to awaken the Divine Warrior and Sacred Masculine in balance with the Divine Feminine is key. pay attention to your ego, will, drive and anger over these couple of days- there is a message in any madness that arises.

the last aspect of the day occurs at 2:57pm when the sun in leo contraparallels retrograde pluto in capricorn- echoing the tense sun/pluto aspect that occurred on monday. opportunities to transform ego, empower ourselves and align with Divine Will abounds, but this energetic opposition can also arouse egotism, power/control dynamics, and manipulative tactics in ourselves or others- so be aware. pluto is attuned to the depths- so if there is shadow to acknowledge it can arise today. until it is acknowledged it will keep coming up. acknowledge your own first and set into motion a commitment to Truth and plumbing the depths in your relationships with others. be the example!

right around the time of the sun/pluto aspect the aries moon begins to trigger the grand cross planets- cojoining uranus and opposing mars and saturn from 2:30-3:30pm and squaring pluto and cojoining jupiter from 8:00-8:30pm- making for a very emotionally charged and dynamic afternoon and evening. being assertive and expressive with our emotions is key, but dominating and abusing others (emotionally as well as physically) is NOT. the grand cross is activating something for everyone- and tonight the shit can hit the fan so-to-speak if you are not being above board, honest and in your integrity with yourself and others. opportunities to come clean, put yourself out there honestly and openly, and assert yourself in powerful ways occurs today/tonight! stay out of ego dynamics if you can- and if you find yourself in one figure out how YOU created it and then take responsibility for making any necessary changes. the power is in your hands.

saturday july 31st-
the moon is in courageous, willful, fiesty aries all day long.

the first aspect of the day occurs at 1:07am when mars cojoins saturn in libra, aligning the warrior with the planet of self-mastery and discipline. yesterday mars opposed uranus which shook things up in dynamic ways. today mars aligns with saturn which is about structure, responsibility, self-mastery and wisdom. the shadow of saturn can be felt as limitation, constriction and repression of the warrior energy. again it is all about a balance between libra and aries, yin and yang, compromise and assertiveness. where you need to learn to reign in your aggression and willfulness, mars/saturn can bring opportunities to do that today. where you need to be less appeasing and submissive and grow a spine, mars/saturn can bring opportunities to do that as well. it’s all about where you are and what your relationship is to mars and saturn energy, as well as libra and aries energy. when you repress things they tend to explode with more ferocity later- so be aware of where you may be holding yourself back unnaturally and find ways to be true to yourself today. watch your dreams for messages from the unconscious- dynamic dreams can arrive early this morning!

at 11:42am the last aspect of the day occurs- mars in libra parallels retrograde jupiter in aries- aligning the Divine Warrior with the planet of luck, abundance and growth who is in mar’s home sign of aries. opportunities to find the balance between libra and aries, yin and yang, feminine and masculine are supported today! all that is being unearthed around relationship dynamics and feminine/masculine balance within is trying to teach you a lesson. jupiter is the great teacher planet- and he helps us to assimilate lessons and grow beyond our boundaries. look to the lesson in any relationship situation that arises today and see if you can allow it to help you grow.

sunday august 1st-
the fiesty, firey, aggressive aries moon lasts throughout the day and goes void of course at 8:55pm for just over 4 hours (into tomorrow morning).

the first aspect of the day occurs at 9:39am when retrograde chiron in aquarius quincunxes juno in cancer- creating tension and a need for adjustment between the wounded healer and the goddess of commitment and marriage. old wounds, insecurity and past pain can arise in relationships today- both romantic and otherwise. what comes up is an opportunity to look at deep stuff and move through it rather than repress it/ignore it/or make others responsible for it. both chiron and juno are at the last degree of their respective signs. the 29th degree of any sign is a degree of mastery of the energies the sign governs. with aquarius and cancer highlighted mastering the art of emotionally detaching and rising above AND emotionally being present and expressing what we are feeling is key. emotional situations in relationships today are opportunities to do deep Soul work. as rumi says ‘we are pain and what cures pain, both.’ with chiron you can either add to the pain or you can add to the healing- what will you choose?

the last aspect of the day and week occurs at 6:48pm when the sun in leo semisquares venus in virgo, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the goddess of Love and beauty. leo and virgo are very different signs, yet they are neighbors to each other (virgo follows leo in the zodiac). they have significant lessons to teach other- and where ever we have lessons around our leo or virgo energy we can experience it today. leo’s ability to shine, be confident and put the self out there can teach virgo to be less shy and self-deprecating. virgo’s ability to be humble, grounded and committed to service can teach leo to be less narcissistic and learn how to serve others rather than lead in order to be in power. where ever our imbalance is in the leo/virgo balance we can feel it today/tonight- particularly in relationships. when leo and virgo are bridged the highest expression can be seen- aim for that tonight.

enjoy your week!

~divine harmony

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