Venus Retrograde- Questioning Patriarchal Values and Re-evaluating Life

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we are in the venus descent portal! she entered front end shadow november 17th in a trine to uranus in taurus (the sign of venus) and she stations retrograde at the end of this week on sunday december 19th in a double conjunction with pluto (12/11 and 12/25) and double square to eris (12/7 and 12/30). her retrograde spans from 11’05 capricorn to 26’29 capricorn and she triggers the pluto/eris square three times- with two of those times being in december!!! so this is one BIG Underworld Journey of the Goddess of Love and Beauty and this is one very big month of december.

venus retrograde is a time to re-evaluate things: relationships, finances, our values, self worth and self Love. in capricorn the sign of saturn and the patriarchy- we are also re-evaluating how we live our lives aligned with patriarchal values that are outdated, toxic, restrictive and no longer working. we are asked to re-evaluate our work in the world, our purpose and mission. is what we are doing life affirming and expansive or restrictive, contractive, traditional and expected.

venus in capricorn is at best committed to seeing things through and at worst she stays way beyond the expiration date- often because of money, security, status or fear of the unknown. where might we be doing this in our lives? in our relationships, career, finances and more? this is a big time to question these things- and these questions can take us into some very deep territory.

this venus retrograde is a time to get more aligned with the TRUTH OF YOUR HEART and what really matters. if you find yourself running ragged while operating in a patriarchal paradigm (addiction to doing, aquiring, controlling)- the incoming astrology is a time to strip away what is not life affirming and destroy foundations that are decrepit- in relationships, career, foundations in your life and more. new life is incoming but the old must transform or die.

this whole journey takes us to march 1st when venus exits back end shadow- and it is DEEP. her trigger of the pluto/eris square is huge but another theme is her double conjunction with mars. we usually only get one conjunction to mars in a short period of time but because of her retrograde we get two Unions of the Divine Lovers- one on february 16th at 16’53 Capricorn and the other after she exits back end shadow, on march 5th at 0’01 aquarius.

this Underworld conjunction in capricorn and then second one once she is out of her shadow at the first degree of aquarius huge. it heralds a shift from the old to the new, the past to the future, holding on to what is not working and opening up to change. there can be some big time changes incoming in relationships in this venus retrograde- which is not uncommon as it is venus after all but with the venus/mars conjunctions this is amplified. alliances are changing, agreements are changing, people are changing- and new paths are unfolding. interestingly 2 days before the 2nd venus/mars conjunction in aquarius we have both of them aligning with pluto- a death needs to happen, a letting go, before a rebirth can come in.

this is a great venus retrograde to really get clear on where you might be holding onto to something, someone, a belief, attitude that holds you back and does not serve your evolution and growth. it is time to let some lay to rest- death and rebirth are natural cycles of life. we got through many deaths and learning to gracefully let go when it’s time to let go makes life so much easier to navigate and move through.

luckily venus also links with neptune 3 times (november 30th, january 5th and february 24th) linking the lower heart with the Higher Heart, the personal desires and values with altruism, compassion and spirituality. the key is to have our personal heart living in service to the Higher Heart. a space where we are both small self and Higher Self- and the Higher Self is in the driver’s seat but the small self is still present and aware as they both go for a ride ;) let’s not forget capricorn is the sign of the spiritual initiate- so there can be much mysticism and spirituality present but it takes our ability to find the sacred in the mundane.

so dive deep with Venus- let your descent be intentional. be willing to ask questions, face shadow, question things you have always done. allow a new relationship to yourself to arise in this deep time. we are deconstructing the patriarchy and reconstructing a new paradigm that is about Union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, Mother and Father, Matriarchal and Patriarchal. we need to move beyond a 2 party system- in politics and spirituality. we are doing just that and we are finding our way forward and this venus retrograde will help us!



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i read a poem a few weeks ago as we were heading into venus’ front end shadow that sums up this entire retrograde so well – read on below…

How brave you are for slowing down. For not finishing that to-do list.

How courageous you are for not crossing that finish line, because your body said “enough.”

How fearless you are for choosing the quiet of your soul over those voices driving you always towards more.

How bold, how rebellious –
you, out there,
honoring your own natural rhythm,
going against the culture’s breakneck speed.

We tend to make heroes of those hungry with ambition, relentlessly doing, producing always more.

We applaud those who refuse to stop or rest. Who push themselves so hard in the name of achievement, that they sacrifice their body and soul and heart in the process. We celebrate those who are ill or aging but never show it, never slow down, never reveal a moment of vulnerability.

This drivenness can be heroic, at times. It can be necessary for our survival or the greater good.


I want to make heroes of those who slow down.

I want to make heroes of those who listen to their bodies, who do not strive for more than what the soul truly needs.

I want to make heroes of those who do not force or push, but surrender to each moment as it opens.

I want to applaud those who may not be driven towards success as we know it, but instead are nurturing something deep and subtle and needed.

I want to celebrate those brave enough to cease all doing, even for a second, and sit with the ache in their hearts. A task many find harder than summiting the highest peak.

I want to make heroes of those who honor their limitations. Who are unable to keep up with the busy-ness of our times, yet show up to each profound, necessary moment.

It is truly an act of courage and rebellion to do any such thing, in a world demanding you resist your own self, your own rhythm, your own soul.

And the paradox is, that often when we cease our incessant doing, even for a minute, and listen to that quiet voice within, we discover what it is we absolutely must do, and what instead can fall away.

We finally hear the call towards what serves our soul, and what then will serve the world. Nothing more, nothing less.

A hero is simply someone brave.
So come, be softly brave.
Be a new, quieter kind of hero.
Few may applaud, it’s true, but your soul certainly will.

By Leyla Aylin

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