Saturday December 5th 2020

uranus square pluto…

uranus square pluto.  everybody’s talking about it.  at least everyone in the astrology world ;)  i heard an elder astrologer talking about how when he got into astrology in his early 20’s the older people in his classes would talk about the intense astrology that would start up in 2010 (the cardinal grand cross of the summer) and last for 5 years.  so this stuff has definitely been on the radar for sometime!

the planet of revolution, rebellion and awakening moved into aries for his permanent stay the day that the tsunami and nuclear disaster occurred in japan on march 11, 2011 (uranus had previously dipped into aries in mid 2010 but went retrograde back into pisces to complete his journey there).  since uranus has entered the sign of the warrior we have seen a personal and collective awakening of rage, anger, assertiveness and action by the people.  the occupy movement is definitely a by-product of the rebel moving into the first sign of the zodiac- a sign that is focused solely on his needs and won’t back down to a fight!

the planet of the underworld, death/rebirth and transformation moved into capricorn for the first time back in january of 2008- and since then he has been exposing the toxicity in structures, traditions, government and the patriarchy in really intense and powerful ways.  he has also unearthed shadowy power/control dynamics between those in power and the rest of the people (the 1% and 99%).  it’s definitely been an intense transit- and we are only 4 years into pluto’s 16 year stay in this sign!

but when these two planets get together and perfect their square aspect 7 times over the next 3 years, that is when things are really going to heat up!  the first exact square is on june 24th 2012 (my birthday!) and the last will be on march 17th, 2015.  over this three year window 8-16 degrees of cardinal signs are going to be HIGHLY ACTIVATED.  look at your chart and see if you have any planets or placements (including ascendant or midheaven) at 8-16 aries, cancer, libra or capricorn.  if you do, you have some radical change and transformation heading your way!

the USA is a cancer nation- our birthdate is july 4th every year :)  the USA’s cancer sun sits at 13’19 cancer- so our country is in the line of fire over the coming 3 years, with pluto opposing our sun and uranus squaring it.  what does this mean?  i have no idea specifically.  but generally we can expect radical change, shadow dynamics outed, an awakening of the people’s rage and even possibly a fight to stand up for what is right- while those in power attempt to hold onto it and fight back.  april 21st 2014 in particular will be potent as it’s an exact square between these two at 13’34 aries/cap- which is just minutes from an exact hit on the USA’s sun.

as a cancer myself, i have been undergoing uranus and pluto transits in the last several years, but luckily they have not happened at the same time!  i had pluto opposite my sun when i got pregnant (cancer rules mothering and i have it in the 5th house of children!) and i am in the middle of uranus square my sun right now.  but for those who have the cardinal placements in later degrees (8-16 aries, cancer, libra or capricorn)- they are going to have the uranus and pluto transits AT THE SAME TIME!  this is intense- but it’s also quite the alchemical container for really powerful transformation!  :)

here’s a listing of all 7 of the exact squares with dates and degrees (for the astro-geeky):

june 24 2012    2:12am    8’23 degrees

september 18 2012    10:57pm    6’57 degrees

may 20 2013    4:02pm    11’14 degrees

november 1 2013    3:30am    9’25 degrees

april 21 2014    12:21pm    13’34 degrees

december 14 2014    9:14pm    12’35 degrees

march 16 2015    7:54pm    15’18 degrees

we are in some of the most interesting times of humanity!  individually we can either participate in our personal and collective evolution or we can fight it, stay stuck and hold ourselves back.  either way- change is a-coming!  which will you choose?  :)

~divine harmony

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