Monday March 8th 2021

UPDATE- in the midst of Oregon wildfires <3

hi all- thank you so much for the emails, texts and comments regarding my safety

i moved to ashland oregon monday afternoon and on tuesday the alameda fire started. i am in south ashland, the fire started north and went north. i am okay and safe but it’s been quite the week.

around 1000 homes have burned down- this is not counting businesses. friends have lots their homes, one friend just moved 2 weeks ago and her old neighborhood completely burned down (talk about grace).

until friday i had no wifi and cell service was having major issues. i now have wifi but due to hazardous smoke levels have had an ongoing headache. i have one air purifier- 2 more come in the mail tuesday. my new sublet has some air leaks i have had to patch. that and the constant threat of having to evacuate has made for really stressful times (i packed and unpacked my car a couple times since being here) and i have honestly not been able to focus on work.

horoscopes for last week were not posted. my plan is to post this coming week’s horoscopes with the 2 week forecast (specifically focusing on mars retrograde). this is pending me being able to stay home as this afternoon into the evening we have red flag warnings for high winds and we could need to evacuate at any moment. i am hoping my lunar gate call and solar gate call as well as lunar insight and lunar horoscopes will be up on time. if they cannot be posted i hope my members will understand <3 i have never been unreliable with my content- particularly membership content where people pay me to access horoscopes, gate calls and more. but due to what is going on i have had to surrender as runs to store to get more masks, tape for sealing leaks, and laying on a couch with a smoke headache while staying on facebook for updates (social media gives better updates than the news!) has been the priority. thank you again for your care and love! i hope life resumes back to normal asap so i can return to writing/recording the content you rely on <3 clearly this is all about mars retrograde! more on that in the days to come <3 blessings... ~dh

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