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by | Sep 4, 2012 | Astrology Blog

this week we have an exact aspect between pluto, the lord of the underworld, and chiron, the wounded healer. this aspect is a long term transit that began in may of this year (5/12 was the first exact aspect) and goes until the end of 2013. on 9/6 of this week we have the 2nd aspect between these two- which is activated by mercury and mars at the start of the week. deep and profound opportunities for transformation, healing, death and rebirth, and processing/releasing old wounds from the past are potent right now and throughout 2013.

with pluto and chiron connection the opportunities for healing and transformation are both personal and the collective. pluto in capricorn exposes what is toxic/in the shadow regarding traditions, conventions, government, patriarchy and big business. he does so that we can see what really lies behind the facade posed to us as Truth. chiron in pisces helps us see our wounds more clearly- particularly relating to Unconsciousness, idealism, delusion, deception, boundaries and victimization. with both in powerful aspect we can see the shadow and see where the healing needs to happen in greater ways. this energy plays out in the greater world- but it also impacts us personally. diving deep and going into our pain so we can heal it is key. the only way out is through!

on monday mars in scorpio activated both the pluto/chiron sextile and the uranus/pluto square- and on tuesday (today) mercury does the same. opportunities to communicate about and act upon our healing/transformation is potent this week! it’s a time to WALK the talk- not just talk it. it’s a time to dive deep and see what lies beneath the surface of things/situations/relationships in our lives. this is deep astrology and the fact that it is happening at the same time as the uranus/pluto square shows that chiron is the outlet for the breakdown energy uranus/pluto generates. deep healing is possible right now IF and only IF we are willing to take personal responsibility for the wounds we have received and/or given to others. it all starts within- and the degree to which you are focused on yourself is the degree to which you will be able to see yourSelf and heal.

we are building up to the second uranus/pluto square- exact on 9/18. the days surrounding the 17th and 18th are going to be POTENT as pluto stations direct, uranus squares pluto and saturn tensely aspects the karmic south node on algol (for more info read the monthly and yearly forecast). the last part of september also features a very potent and intense full moon conjunct uranus and square pluto. the fire is getting hotter- can you feel it!?

it helps to remember that these fires are alchemical- their purpose is transformation. if we can keep that in mind when things around us fall apart/die/leave our lives forever it will help us to embrace the new part of the journey that lies ahead.

yours in the transformational fires…

~divine harmony

p.s. the exact dates of pluto/chiron are:

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