total solar eclipse in pisces- dealing with the past for a better future

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Astrology Blog

we have a potent and intense month ahead of us- with a total solar eclipse in pisces exact on tuesday march 8th 2016 at 5:55pm PST initiating us into the eclipse portal that will last all month (with a lunar eclipse in libra following suit 2 weeks later). we are truly in a neptunian month- with the sun and moon (at the time of this eclipse), the Great Mother asteroid Goddess ceres, neptune (the ruler of pisces), chiron the Wounded Healer and the karmic south node all in neptune ruled pisces. both mercury and venus will join the pisces stellium on 3/5 and 3/12 respectively- so we won’t be getting out of the watery, sensitive, mystical waters of the abyss anytime soon ;)

eclipse portals are times of rapid change, transformation, endings and new beginnings. they very quickly take us from point A to point B in our lives and they do so in intense and sudden fashion. this could make for a fun roller coaster ride or it could make for a dizzying, anxiety-producing one- it’s up to each of us and how we navigate these energies that will determine our experience this month!

the bottom line of this solar eclipse in pisces is a focus on the new things ready to birth in our lives that can only occur when we take responsibility for, deal with, heal and clear out the past. the eclipse is conjunct the karmic south node and chiron the Wounded Healer- a HUGE signature all month long as chiron will cojoin the south node on 3/18 and 3/23 (mean and true node respectively).

as i wrote on my monthly forecast about this powerful alignment: “with chiron conjunct the south node deep energies from the past- personally and collectively- can arise and confront us demanding to be dealt with and addressed. any tendencies towards self delusion, deception of self or others, denial of reality, avoidance of what IS, playing the victim or the martyr, and turning to addictions to numb out (tv, drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, internet and technology, working, exercising- anything we use to check out!) are exacerbated right now BIG TIME. chiron can help us heal and release past karmic patterns but only when we are willing to go into the pain and suffering we have been avoiding going into by turning to the above ways of checking out. using chiron energy consciously is NOT the easy path. and yet with chiron the wounds run deep and the longer we leave them there and don’t acknowledge and deal with them- the longer they fester and turn toxic and impact so many other areas of our lives. this astrology is important personally- especially if you have lots of pisces or if you have anything around 21-22 degrees of mutable signs. but it’s also very important collectively. we all need to wake up and see where we have buried our heads in the sand. we need to see what is going on on planet earth and what is happening right before our very eyes but we cannot see or do not want to see and so we pretend it is not there. this can be a powerful aspect for awakening! but it can also entrench people even more in their patterns of delusion and denial. it’s up to each of us how we work with this energy. ‘there is no coming to consciousness without pain’ (Jung)- the only way out is through, so don’t park it on the side of the road! ‘the road to enlightenment has many tempting parking spaces.’ “

an eclipse tends to magnify what it touches and with it mere degrees from chiron and the south node- the personal, childhood, past life, ancestral and collective wounding and pain energies are UP BIG TIME. there truly is no escaping this- even though a couple glasses of wine, several hours on the internet or a new romance may FEEL like it helps you escape. in truth these wounds and pain will stay there submerged for a bit and they will come back out with greater intensity later. so the solar eclipse and the entire month of march is a time to choose to stay present, awake and aware- to not go back to sleep, to not bury your head in the sand, to not stay in denial about your past and your sole responsibility for it that has brought you to today. this month is ripe with major opportunities for karmic completion which will then free you up for dramatic shifts and evolutionary leaps just around the corner! but you cannot spiritually bypass what is up for you right now- as the deep, intense, karmic energies afoot ARE the eye of the needle you must move through first before you can get to the other side.

this eclipse is conjunct ceres, the Great Mother asteroid Goddess, which brings focus to environmental concerns particularly related to the waters on our planet. environmentalists speak to the rising water levels due to global warming and the polar ice caps that are melting like never before. but that’s not all that is going on with the water. since march 11th 2011 there has been tons and tons of radioactive waste dumping into the pacific ocean due to the earthquake and tsunami at fukushima. EVERY SINGLE DAY since 3/11/11 they have been dumping radioactive ground water/waste water into the ocean as they don’t know what else to do with it. and then people wonder why dolphins and whales and seals and sardines are dying and/or showing up emaciated with weird skin diseases on the beaches. and of course there’s fracking and big businesses dumping their waste water from plants into our water sources. there’s chemtrails being dumped in the sky- apparently as a means to address global warming so that they can control the weather and push the storm fronts up to the north pole in the hopes to cool things down up there and slow down the ice melt. sounds like a good idea- until you find out there is barium, strontium and aluminum being dumped into the air we breathe and falling on the food we eat and into the water we drink. did you know that these heavy metals are toxic to humanity and cause health issues- many of which are things that are becoming more prevalent as issues today?

i am sorry if i am sounding dire and negative- but the shadow of pisces is to only want to see the Light. and honestly i believe that you cannot really deal with the evil in the world until you can see it and name it- rather than dress it up in pink sparkles and put rose colored glasses on. only when we can really see WHAT IS are we capable of dealing with what is and working to heal it or transform into what it can be. this goes for collective issues as well as personal ones. we have to see all we have chosen to do up until this point in our lives and see how those choices led us to where we are today. we have to take full responsibility for those choices and go into the shame we fell around those choices and move fully through that shame FIRST- before we are ever really able to truly change things within or without. most people don’t want to do this- so they cover it up with addictions. buy more stuff, get into a new relationship (that you are explicitly using to avoid dealing with yourself), drink a bottle of wine, waste time on Facebook. all these things take your awareness and consciousness and sweetly sign them to back to sleep. to stay awake and aware in this world is no easy feat! first of all it makes you see yourself clearly (YIKES!) but it also makes you see the suffering and pain in the world clearly as well- which is not an easy way to be in the world. that is why most mystics don’t have a Facebook account and aren’t really in the world. any guru you see that gets press and is in the news pales in comparison to the guru who is hiding, inconspicuous and purposely does not put him or herself in the spotlight. a true mystic isn’t here to be seen but instead to SEE and be a conduit for Divine energies to actor into and manifest on planet earth. those people need to stay hidden as there are energies out there that don’t want the Divine anchoring into the 3D world and waking up all the people they have worked so hard to keep asleep.

of course there are beautiful aspects to pisces and to being this wide open. when you can see all the pain and suffering in the world you can also see all the beauty. take it from a pisces moon rising person with neptune on my midheaven- i can see a caged dog who has not been out of the cage for 2 years of it’s life (just saw this on Facebook) and i will sob till my heart hurts and my face is red. and i can also look at the stars at night or the red rocks of sedona and feel such love, such awe, such bliss that i feel like i am high on drugs (and i am most certainly not). when your boundaries are stripped away you feel everything- not just the good things or the happy things- but ALL OF IT. and that is the order of the Universe this month.

we are all being called to FEEL IT ALL. to feel our Divinity and our humanity, our joy and our grief, our wholeness and our wounding, our peace and our conflict, our kindness and our anger, our confidence and our shame. we are being asked to feel it all within us and without. and this is an intense experience- there’s really no getting around it. we need to feel it for ourselves and for others and for the world at large! as bernie sanders says (who YES i am voting for)- ‘we are all in this together’ and that is one of the Highest realizations of pisces and neptune. Oneness is not a concept or delusional idea to pisces- pisces FEELS IT. we ARE all in this together. and even if we think we are not- we are simply burying our heads in the sand.

with this eclipse opposite jupiter on the north node- the path to evolution, growth and the realization of our destiny requires that we balance pisces’ idealism and otherwordly-ness with virgo’s ‘be here now’ practicality and presence. virgo is grounded, in the body, actively on a path of healing and wholeness, analytic, critical, discerning and discriminating. where pisces is compassionate, forgiving and at worst in denial- virgo sees what is, sees what is not right, speaks to it, demands accountability for it (from the self, from others, from the world at large) and does the tireless work to rectify things within and without. virgo is the sign that has the most humility and integrity in the entire zodiac. virgo is a sign that is constantly seeing what is not right within and without- which the critical, analytic capacity comes in handy for- so that it can then go about doing what needs to be done to set things right and work towards wholeness. jupiter on the north node is a call for stepping up our game, doing our inner work, seeing our shadows, calling ourselves and others on our stuff and doing what needs to be done to heal and release the karmic hold the past has on us that keeps us stuck in oblivion. some of our BIGGEST stuff can be up for us to address this month- and the way forward involves jupiter and the north node. (check the weekly horoscopes for more info on where that is in for your sun sign and rising sign)

the other major aspect to the solar eclipse is a square from saturn- bringing reality checks and a need to see Truth for what it is, not for what it used to be, could be or what we wish it was. this is not a month for fantasy- although the fantasies and desire to check out will be strong (no joke!). with a T-square between jupiter/north node opposite the sun/moon/chiron/south node/ceres- all square to saturn- i see the words WAKE UP CALL. wake up to your potential! and wake up to your past and where you have not lived that potential. wake up to what is going on in the world around you. and wake up to the people and big corporations or government agendas that keep you asleep by dangling lower ego desires in front of you so that you focus on the carrot and not on the person who is handling the pole (and you get hooked!)

interestingly both uranus and pluto link up with the solar eclipse and they do so in harmonious ways (uranus is semisextile, pluto is sextile)- bringing the agents of change and transformation into alignment with this eclipse. if we are willing to dive deep- to go into our emotions and stay with the watery abyss- uranus and pluto will help us realize the breakthroughs and transformations we so deeply and desperately need. uranus is aligned with the new warrior Goddess planet eris all year and into next year- waking up the activist within each of us. an activist is someone who campaigns for political, environmental and social change- but i also see an activist as someone who campaigns for personal, Soulful and Spiritual change (as without, so within). they both need to happen and now is the time!

pluto in capricorn is coming into to clear out the crap in the structures, traditions and stagnations in our lives as well as in the big businesses and corporations that run (and ruin) our world. i loved leonardo di caprio’s acceptance speech at the oscars (which i never watch- i saw the clip of him posted on Facebook) which speaks to the best thing we can do with the pluto in capricorn energy: “We need to support leaders around the world who do not speak for the big polluters, but who speak for all of humanity, for the indigenous people of the world, for the billions and billions of underprivileged people out there who would be most affected by this. For our children’s children, and for those people out there whose voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed.” pluto in capricorn is not about tearing down those who are greedy and toxifying our planet- but instead to lift up and support those who speak for the planet and all her people. when we lift up with our support, our voices, our hearts and our money the people who will take a stand for the planet and ALL that reside on her (creatures big and small)- those other people will tear themselves down and/or fall to the wayside naturally.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree for this eclipse- a reminder of the mystical energies present right now and that this sense of paradise can be found within. and it’s also possible to restore it without. but it will take all the mystical activists in the world uniting and taking a stand. are you ready?

~divine harmony

p.s. i have posted the weekly horoscopes for this week on the public astrology blog for all to see! you can find them linked here-

Pisces 19 palm trees laden with dates

Sweet and enchanting nature. Intent reflection of paradise. Feeling life from a place of affirmation, delight, and the ability to tap grace blessings all-pervasively.
Stunningly tuned into the way it always has been in Sweet Earth. Remembering tapping, being there with that pristine sensibility. Not the least bit caught up in outer world reflections and trends. Able to stay within the wonders of spirit as dream, as psychic faculty, as here now always the same as it was, never needing to change.
Atavistic clairvoyance. Seeing and feeling just the way natives have, pre-modern people would, all of us nostalgically yearn toward. Keeping the flame alive of the primordial will, poignant beauty and naive absorption in it’s frequency.
It is not so easy to be this way in complex contemporary contexts. We seem to be out of it, not very mentally sharp, and not motivated to come out of the self and become a performing functionary. What we really want to do is hang out, kick back, be in the flow, not force anything.
In the event of a fortunate combination of circumstances, this becomes an evocative and skillful restoring of the heart’s path, in a fashion that nobody can deny. We learn to stay with our own intuitive sensibility, even though it is quite divergent from what is generally assumed to be real and valid. We shine in the situation where we are permitted to be natural, to be spontaneous, to be embracing of life purely.
In touch with source. Deeply unconsciously held within the sphere of faery. Not all that human. Not even very good at pretending to be tough and strong and separative. Only here to keep the links alive, to let inner worlds be revealed.

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