Tuesday April 13th 2021

the great attractor- a point of destiny!

in the recent lunar insight i wrote about the scorpio new moon i touched on something that i wanted to shared on the astrology blog. i spoke about something called the great attractor and how the north node was making it’s way to a conjunction with it. here is the info i posted with a few extra comments added. there’s always something new to explore with astrology :) one never gets bored… ;)

currently the north node is at 14’56 sagittarius- making it’s way to 14’02 sagittarius which is the point of the great attractor. many people have heard of the galactic center/the grand central sun that lies around 26-27 sagittarius. this is the sun of our sun, the central rotating point of our milky way galaxy and it is a very spiritual and evolutionary point in the zodiac. well the great attractor is a supercluster of 100,000 galaxies 250 million light years from our solar system. this is the grand central sun of a much larger group of galaxies- and it is a point that we are all being pulled towards (we are literally hurling in that direction at insane speeds). in astrology the great attractor represents the key to the mystery of the Universe. it’s a very intense point that has mystical and metaphysical properties. what is interesting to note is that both the galactic center and the great attractor lie in the area of the zodiac that is associated with ophiuchus, the 13th sign. i wrote an article about this a while back and you can find it at the link at the end of this post- but suffice it say that literally and physically, from our perspective on earth both of these points lie in the mystical, misunderstood constellation of ophiuchus, not sagittarius. with the north node closing in on it’s conjunction with the great attractor we have destined events of magnificent proportions! on december 29th 2011 the true north node will be exactly conjunct this point- so pay attention to significant personal and global evolution occurring between now and then. the evolutionary shift potential is HUGE! and wherever 14 sagittarius is in your natal chart you have a lot of push for evolution and growth.

just in case there is any confusion- i am a western astrologer who reads and writes astrology from the western perspective, which is based on the seasons. yet the actual constellations that the zodiac signs were formulated after are not in alignment with the seasons as we observe them in the west. for example at the spring equinox in the north hemisphere when the sun is at 0 aries, the sun is actually and literally located in the constellation of pisces. vedic astrology accounts for the constellations, but in vedic they neatly divide the constellations into 12 signs of 30 degrees each- and none of the actual constellations fit into this neat arrangement. when we measure the constellations based on how long the sun moves through them we see that virgo is actually considerably larger than 30 degrees (meaning the sun is in virgo way past 30 days) and scorpio is barely 10 degrees (meaning the sun makes its way through scorpio before a half month’s time is even over). from this literal and practical perspective there is a 13th sign on the ecliptic that the sun can actually be seen moving its way through- and that is the sign of ophiuchus. i personally believe that astrologers should be aware of this literal and practical perspective as much as the western, seasonal perspective or the vedic perspective. they all give us glimpses into Truth :)

if this kind of thing interests you check out some of my writings (like the one found under the writing tab on my site that is linked to below) as i often write about more esoteric, unconventional things in this part of my website.

happy sunday to you!

~divine harmony


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