Wednesday November 13th 2019

the final uranus/pluto square…

we are in the 11th hour of the uranus/pluto square- an astrological configuration that has been with us since 2012. in truth when pluto first moved into capricorn in 2008 and uranus first moved into aries in 2010, both of these planets began gearing up for their fated square in the heavens.

uranus is the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. he comes along to shake things up to wake us up- and he particularly loves to do this with anything that is stagnant, stuck, limiting or repressive. aries is the first sign of the zodiac and with uranus in this sign he is waking up the activist or pioneer within us. he supports us in making changes in our lives and no longer sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if something will change on it’s own. he is also waking up the collective anger and rage (which aries, as well as scorpio, govern). when he first moved into aries we began seeing the rebellions around the world commence. this also coincided with the start of the occupy movement- which is all about people taking a stand and speaking up about what is no longer working.

pluto is the Lord of the Underworld and he governs what is in the Unconscious and what is relegated to the shadow. he exposes what is toxic, stagnant and stuck and he helps us to clear it out (in some cases he forces us). when he plays this role he is the roto rooter of the zodiac! capricorn is the sign of tradition, patriarchy, big business, corporations and government. pluto in capricorn has come along to expose the shadow and toxicity of these enduring ideas/beliefs/organizations. pluto in capricorn at it’s best is an opportunity to ferret out the foundational problems in our lives personally and collectively so that we can figure out if it’s possible to regenerate, transform or rebuild- or if it’s better to just let something fully die so that we can create something a new (or experience a rebirth).

from 2012 to 2015 there are a total of seven uranus/pluto squares and this occurs because the planets go retrograde and direct and do this backwards/forwards dance with each other. the seven uranus/pluto squares are listed at the end of this blog- but to sum it up there were two in 2012, two in 2013, two in 2014 and one in 2015. the last one will occur in just a few days on monday, march 16th.

what is interesting to note about the seven squares is the various states in which the planets were traveling as they made their aspect. for example the first square on june 24th 2012 uranus was direct but pluto was retrograde. when planets are direct they are forward moving and their energy is unhindered, but when they are retrograde they are more introspective and reflective and their external energy is hindered or limited in some way.

the second square on september 19th 2012 uranus was retrograde and pluto was stationary direct (meaning he just moved from retrograde to forward motion a day or two beforehand)- so we had uranus limited in some way and pluto just now moving into his direct, forward motion. stationary planets are powerful- but they have to pick up speed and start to move forward to really get their energy going. so the second square was also limited in some way.

we can start to look at the rest of the squares- the third one on may 20th 2013 uranus was direct and pluto was retrograde. the fourth one on november 1st 2013 uranus was retrograde and pluto was direct. the fifth on april 21st, 2014 uranus was direct and pluto was stationary retrograde. and the sixth one on december 15th 2014 uranus was stationing to go direct (just under a week later) and pluto was direct. this is the first square where we see two direct planets- but uranus was not yet direct, he stationed direct on december 21st.

so that brings us to the seventh and final square which is next week. in this square we have both planets direct and moving forward. neither are inhibited or limited in any way. they are in their full force of energy- and they square each for the final time in this direct, expressive energy.

to add to this, both the nodes of the moon (the north node of destiny and the south node of karma) and mars in aries (the planet of activation, will and drive) are closely aligned with this uranus/pluto square. in january the nodes exactly aligned with uranus and pluto, forming a T-square between them and bringing things to pivotal points of choice and crossroads so to speak. that T-square was exact in january but it has been triggered by mars just last week- and the nodes are still within orb of uranus and pluto so the fated, destined, karmic energy is still in effect.

mars also just triggered the uranus pluto square on wednesday march 11th- a mere week before the final uranus/pluto square! this energized this alignment and amplified the shake ups and wake up calls, breakdowns and breakthroughs that these two planets bring into our personal and collective lives.

if you look at the last several years in Light of the uranus/pluto frequency we have seen both the shadow and Light of the possibilities of these two combined. we have seen mass shootings and bombings and plane crashes- all very much associated with this energy (and most of these occurrences happened either on the days of the exact uranus/pluto squares or when inner planets were triggering the uranus/pluto square). but we have also seen a rise in activism, awareness and people taking a stand for what is right!

it is interesting to see how humanity often requires painful experiences to break open their hearts and bring them deeper into their own capacity for compassion and Love. after 9/11 we saw a worldwide heart-opening experience where people donated their time and money and energy to those who were impacted. the rise of Love in the wake of destruction was beautiful! and i feel that one of the best ways to utilize the final uranus/pluto square collectively and personally is to find a way to rise in Love without needing destruction, pain and suffering to prompt us there.

some of the best ways to utilize this energy is to embrace and proactively make long-awaited changes in our lives. this energy is about transformation and it particularly hones in on the areas of life that are out of balance, out of integrity, stuck, stagnant or no longer working. instead of sitting around waiting it out and/or being in denial- we can use this energy to shake us up and wake us up so that we can move through (rather than get stuck in) the breakdowns and turn them into liberating breakthroughs. we can be victims of change or we can become agents of it- and this astrology really puts us in the hot seat where have to make that choice.

this is a collective transit- but it’s also quite personal. if you happen to know your chart and you have any planets or angles between 14-16 degrees of aries, cancer, libra or capricorn- you are getting a heavy dose of the shake up/wake up energy injected into your life! but even if you don’t have anything around these degrees- you no doubt have someone in your life who does. or you live in a country whose chart does (like the USA!). so even if you are not experiencing this personally, you are part of a collective experience that does feel it. and being aware of this energy so that we can all utilize it consciously and for the Highest Good is very much recommended.

so stay aware of the energies afoot right now. and embrace the liberation and freedom energy of uranus, the activist and pioneer energy of aries, the transformative and empowering energy of pluto, and the structural and foundational energy of capricorn. we can free ourselves from the toxic and karmic past right now. we can complete things and move on. we can take a stand for what we believe in. we can empower ourselves to change, transform, die to the old and be reborn to the new. no this astrology is not lighthearted and carefree. but it is deeply Soulful and transformative. but we must remember that to experience transformation we must release our attachment to some kind of form in our lives! let go of that which no longer serves and open up to the evolution, revolution and awakening you seek!

yours in the stars…

~divine harmony


8’23 aries/capricorn
uranus direct, pluto retrograde

6’57 aries/capricorn
uranus retrograde, pluto stationary direct

11’14 aries/capricorn
uranus direct, pluto retrograde

9’25 aries/capricorn
uranus retrograde, pluto direct

HELIOCENTRIC uranus/pluto 11/23/13

13’34 aries/capricorn
uranus direct, pluto stationary retrograde

12’35 aries/capricorn
uranus stationary (set to go direct on 12/21), pluto direct

uranus/pluto with nodes of karma and destiny

15’18 aries/capricorn
uranus direct, pluto direct

ALSO MARS TRIGGERED the uranus/pluto square on 3/11
and SATURN stations RETROGRADE in square aspect to neptune on 3/14

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