Wednesday August 5th 2020

the dark moon in libra…

currently the moon is in efficient, analytical, critical virgo but by monday morning (8:49am PDT) it will move into relationship-focused, beauty-seeking libra. the dark moon is the last part of the moon cycle- also known as the balsamic phase of the moon. it commences when the moon is 45 degrees behind the degree where the next new moon will fall. this new moon on wednesday, october 26th occurs at 3’03 scorpio- so the dark moon will commence when the moon is at 18’03 virgo. currently the moon is about 2 degrees behind that- so in the next several hours we will shift into the dark moon.

this next new moon is potent! it is in scorpio and it is powerfully aspected by scorpio’s ruler pluto. both scorpio and pluto are about the depths, passion, intensity, transformation, regeneration, death and rebirth, sexuality, the occult, the shadow- pretty much all the taboo topics of our society. to have such an intense moon preceded by the dark moon kind of amps up the power of the shadow and the intense journeys within (btw- a dark moon always precedes a new moon- but only once a year does the new moon in scorpio occur). for more info on the new moon read my lunar insight posted by monday.

the dark moon falls in the last half of virgo and all of libra- which is interesting. dark moons bring up the need to process and release something from the past. it is the last part of the previous lunar cycle and as such is brings with it the energy of endings, karmic completion, shadow-dynamics, and symbolic death so that room can be made for the new life that comes with the new moon. in virgo the shadow that comes up to be dealt with involves judgement, perfection, criticsm and purity. the Highest expression of virgo is discernment and conscienctiousness- and the dark moon can bring up for us the need to figure out what we are or are not judging in our lives and how we can shift into detached discernment of reality and Truth. with the dark moon in libra the focus is on the shadow in relationships. issues around boundaries, balance of self and other, give and take, avoidance, denial and fear of looking at the not-so-pretty side of things can arise. the new moon in scorpio that follows this dark moon is all about looking at the shadow and going deep to penetrate to the Truth- yet libra is quite opposite in nature. she wants beauty, peace and social grace at any cost- often to the detriment of herself. where scorpio wants to deal with crap NOW, libra wants to put it off for another day or better yet pretend it’s not there (i am being extreme her- showing the shadow of libra).

this dark moon can be quite intense- building up to an even more intense, yet powerfully transformative new moon. there is a need to look at what needs to be released. something needs to die so something new can be born. old karmic circumstances, attitudes, beliefs, relationships, situations- they can all be let go of over the next few days if we take the initiative to do the work now! most people stay stuck in their karma because they keep waiting for it to be easy to deal with it. it’s never going to be easy. you have to work for your spiritual growth. you have to show the Universe you are ready to step up.

during the next few days there can be a lot of opportunity to see if you really are ready to step up! but if you are and if you do the work now- the new moon on wednesday can be a powerful new beginning in your life- a new chapter in the story of your evolution.

to see where this new moon occurs in your natal chart check the weekly horoscopes posted later tonight. read for your sun and rising sign for deeper insight :)

enjoy the dark of the moon…

~divine harmony

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