superior conjunction of venus at the karmic completion degree (10/22/22)

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we have the superior conjunction of venus at 29’26 libra occurring on saturday october 22nd- marking the midway point of the current venus synodic cycle we are in that began with the inferior conjunction at 18’43 capricorn on january 8th, 2022. the inferior conjunction can be seen as the new moon phase of the 18 month venus cycle and the superior conjunction can be seen as the full moon phase. something was seeded back in january 2022 that is now coming to climax, fruition and/or crisis points. as this conjunction is at a karmic completion degree (the last degree of libra) there can be big things coming up for completion, endings and full release that are REQUIRED before we can move forward and onward.

this also marks the movement of the venus star point out of scorpio and into libra. we have not had the star point in libra since 1879- and we kick off her conjunctions with the sun in the last degree of libra (her star point moves through the signs backwards)- what i call ‘the karmic completion degree’. the last degree of a sign (also called the anaretic degree) symbolizes the 11th hour syndrome. anything and everything NOT fully dealt with yet regarding venus and/or libra themes is brought up and out to be addressed. it’s as though this superior conjunction is going to give us insight into the next 100 year journey of venus star points in libra (we have one more in scorpio in 2026- after that they are all in libra for over a century until she starts to shift to virgo in 2126).

so right now as venus initiates her star point journey through libra (one of the 2 signs she rules) we should play close attention to the themes at play personally but also collectively. themes around relationships, partnership, marriage, money and finances, value systems and more- we essentially have a snapshot right now of what is going to be unfolding in the next century!!!

add to this the lead up to the superior conjunction and the first few days post the conjunction- both the sun and venus undergo some very significant aspects. leading to the conjunction both the sun and venus oppose eris (10/17-18) and square pluto (10/19-20)- triggering the separating but still very much present pluto/eris square that has been unearthing and confronting us with disowned shadow. after the superior conjunction they both quickly move into scorpio and quincunx jupiter in aries at the aries point (10/23). as the aries point features strongly in world events and both sun/venus and jupiter are in mars- ruled signs, with mars heading to station retrograde 10/30- there is a lot of intensity to this transition that needs to be mitigated with consciousness and capacity to pause and count to 10 before one acts or reacts. jupiter in aries is not known for reigning in ego energies- but to navigate this terrain we must! (so must world leaders- particularly anyone with access to nuclear weapons).

libra is the sign of the scales- the only sign that is not human or animal- and is archetypally connected to the yin/yang symbol. there is dark and there is light- and in the yin yang we can find a bit of dark in the light and a bit of light in the dark. it’s a symbol of Union, harmony and balance. not static balance that is unyielding but fluid balance that is able to flow with things as they arise. the superior conjunction of venus is shining a Light on what is out of balance, not in harmony- so that we can see clearly what needs to be addressed, transformed, completed and/or let go of. some things just need a reset, other things are at the end of the journey and it’s time to let go. the libra part of your chart is where the revelations need to be integrated with conscious action in the next half of her cycle.

we also have a new moon solar eclipse 3 days after the superior conjunction of the sun and venus- with the eclipse just 2 1/2 degrees from the sun/venus conjunction degree. i wrote a blog about the eclipse which you can find linked below- but suffice it to say this is one extra potent superior conjunction of venus! that eclipse is a south node eclipse which is about karma, endings and completion- and this same symbolism is mirrored in the karmic completion degree activation.

as venus rules relationships, finances, values, self worth and self Love- these are wonderful themes to be contemplating and working with deeply right now. what needs to change? what is not only not working but has not been working for far too long- and perhaps it’s time to let it go? where have we been maintaining an old paradigm that really does not serve?

i leave you with the star sparks degree for this conjunction. my favorite lines in the write up are “Now we get it that whatever you leave out and refuse to reckon with will become your shadow and bite you in the rear until you look around and love it.” and “We will need to be ready to overcome the distraction of external reflection as decisive influence.” this sounds about right! that which we will not face has control over us (our shadow)- and when we are in shadow libra we are stuck in external reflections and we are distracted from seeing the Truth. something we want to be aware of right now for sure!

you can read the full text for 30 libra below.

blessed superior conjunction of venus!


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by elias lonsdale

Libra 30 A black rooster

We feel, we sense, and we proclaim the hidden parts, the under-places, that which denial avoids. We constellate, we become the representative of the missing element, the aspect it would be so convenient to overlook and forget about.

We are irresistibly magnetized toward the great causes, the conscience stirrers, the collective awakeners. Our very existence keys on merging within that which at first seems to be dark, strange, and forbidding. We find our truth in such places.

For a very long time, we have gathered toward this point. Now we know that inward feelings count, that deep soul is what we are here to share and embody. Now we get it that whatever you leave out and refuse to reckon with will become your shadow and bite you in the rear until you look around and love it.

Even as we come to those staggering realizations perpetually, we are placed in situations where we will be loved and hated. Our resolve to stand for the truth we feel and sense will be greatly tested. We will need to be ready to overcome the distraction of external reflection as decisive influence.

Along this path, the collective and the personal become one. We are our world. We feel responsible. It’s quite a burden to bear this lightly and freely, gladly, and lovingness is our best shot.

Otherwise, the undertow can be pretty heavy duty. It is a lot to be scapegoat, hero, central figure in so many ways. Especially because we are much more engaged with the world around us than with our own stature or position. To stay lucid and dispassionate, yet to activate regenerative shared forces is our deep destiny.

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