super full moon in taurus- transformation in the extreme!

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the super full moon at 22’38 taurus is exact on monday november 14th 2016 at 5:52am PST- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in scorpio on october 30th. on the same day as that new moon transiting neptune opposed the solar eclipse degree from the september 1st solar eclipse at 9’21 virgo. typically solar eclipses help us start new chapters and cycles in life- but that eclipse was opposite neptune and square to saturn bringing the intensity of the saturn/neptune square into the new cycle being seeded. outer planetary transits to eclipse degrees can be big time triggers of the eclipse energy- and with all the shadow, confusion and illusion flying around right now we can see how neptune triggering the eclipse degree is playing out.

saturn square neptune from november 2015 to september 2016 and neptune on the karmic south node in november have been a doozy. delusion, denial, deception and avoidance of reality have been up big time. so, too, has media manipulation and behind closed doors actions that we may never see clearly or get the full Truth on. with neptune triggering the eclipse degree at the time of the scorpio new moon- it was a reminder of the neptune/south node conjunctions to come in november. on november 3rd neptune aligned with the mean south node and on november 17th neptune aligns with the true south node- and two days later neptune stations direct right on the karmic south node of fate! it’s hard to tell which way is up and which way is down, what is Truth and what is a lie, which presidential candidate is honest and has integrity and which one does not (maybe the answer is neither?!).

so this astrology sets the tone for the month of november and then we have a super full moon- what some are calling the full moon of the century. this full moon will be closer to earth than any other full moon has been since 1948 with the next one this closer or closer occurring in 2034. when full moons are closer to earth they appear larger and they have greater impact on tides and emotions. they also amplify and at times exacerbate the personal and collective Unconscious- within which resides the hidden and denied shadow (amongst other things). this super full moon in taurus brings into the Light our embodied physical experience as well as our Great Mother Earth we rely on to be here in the body. any tendencies to unhealthy relationship with the body and physical world or unhealthy connection to/care of Mother Earth are in spotlight. looking at where we are stubborn and stuck in the desire for safety, security, money and profit at the expense of the evolution we so desperately need is key right now. i know a lot of people are fed up with corporations running things- but are we willing to put our money where our mouth is and stop buying the products corporations are selling us? do we realize that corporations cannot exist if we don’t fund them via our spending?

this full moon is opposite the sun in scorpio who is conjunct black moon lilith- shining a Light on the shadow. the sun is also conjunct zuben elschemali- a fixed star in the northern scale of libra that speaks to negative social reform. the two scales of libra are akin to Maat- the egyptian Goddess of justice, honesty and integrity. right now we are at a tipping point and the scales can go in one of two ways. the fixed star in the opposite scale is zuben elgenubi which is the star of positive social reform. which way are we headed? and which way do we want to go? are we willing to uncover the shit and shadow that lies beneath our personal and collective facade to see the real Truth? that is the only way true change can happen. you integrate what you cannot see- so right now we are in a powerful time of taking off the rose colored glasses to see the Truth- within ourselves, others and the world around us.

this full moon harmoniously links up with uranus and chiron- the Great Awakener and the Wounded Healer are helping us to wake up out of our stupor and see what we need to do to heal ourselves and the Earth we live upon! this full moon also quincunxes saturn and trines pluto- activating the saturn/pluto semisextile, an aspect that was exact thursday november 10th and initiates us into the last 3 years and 3 months of a 38 year saturn/pluto cycle (that began in 1982). this is the balsamic phase of the saturn/pluto cycle- a time to let go, die to the old and prepare for the new. what needs to die is the shadow and unhealthy/out of control expression of capricorn/saturn- dogma, intolerance, control, holding onto traditions of the past that clearly are no longer working (and maybe never were), as well as corporate interests devoid of moral principles and government that is based on controlling the people and exploiting the Earth rather than serving and honoring both.

the ruler of this lunation is venus who just moved into capricorn. venus in capricorn values stability, security, tradition and loyalty. she can also stay too long and stick with things out of tradition, expectation or obligation. luckily she makes lovely aspects in the chart- helping us to get clear on our values and what means the most and more importantly put our money/energy where our mouths are and live those values for all to see! she is at the midpoint of mercury/juno in sadge and mars in aquarius- which point to the need to speak the Truth and take action on our Highest Ideals and visions! venus in capricorn is a grounding influence- so that the revolution (within and without) is not a flash in the pan but is deeply grounded in our being. now is the time to set the foundation for big changes coming in!

in the full moon chart chiron is conjunct the asteroid kassandra- the prophetess. in greek myth she was a priestess of the Goddess but when patriarchy took over she became a priestess of apollo. apollo saw her and desired her but she was not interested. in his pride and anger he rebuked her and told her that she was cursed and that although she had the capacity to see the future- no one would believe her. true to form when she would prophecize she would be laughed at, ignored, shamed- yet everything she saw came to pass. this is an interesting asteroid to align with chiron right now- reminding us that there are messages being told by those who can see into the future that many of us do not want to hear or acknowledge. a prophet often sees the shadow and shit that everyone has spent their entire lives/lifetimes pretending to not see. for some to honestly question foundational aspects of life is so anxiety producing they would rather shut down the Truth and hold onto the belief in a lie- and worse they shame and bring down the very people who can see the Truth wholes voices we need to hear. unfortunately (or fortunately) the Truth will always come out in the end- it’s just that later on it could cost us more than if we had faced it and dealt with it sooner.

when we look at the Dark Goddess we see her ALL OVER the chart. asteroid lilith is at the 29th degree of capricorn conjunct mars in aquarius, while dark moon lilith is at 16 capricorn conjunct pluto. with the fierce Dark Feminine who shines a Light on the shit and shadow and sees through the darkness conjunct the lower will (mars) and Higher Will (pluto) we are challenged to raise her frequency up to the Highest level. steering clear of power/control dynamics, playing the victim or the tyrant, being manipulative and/or controlling, and/or hiding in the dark for fear of being witch-hunted for speaking the Truth is so key. there’s a lot of powerful energy in the Dark Goddess archetype and she must be honored and channeled wisely. with black moon lilith in scorpio on the sun as well- this full moon is a veritable Dark Goddess lunation!

just two days after the full moon the true node cojoins the solar eclipse degree (the mean node did so on november 2nd)- and the last pass of neptune opposite the eclipse degree is on december 9th. there is a destined fated energy playing out in the world right now. can you feel it? but it’s not clear what kind of destiny- is it good or bad? is it positive or negative? or does it seem like one on the surface when in fact it’s the other deep down below? with neptune stationary on the 19th- just 5 days after this full moon- not all is as it seems. we need to be willing to question ourselves and the world around us. don’t just take things at face value. and don’t think you know it all- as there are still things to be revealed (personally and collectively). taking the moral high ground right now without compassion and understanding of other’s positions simply exacerbates the split and duality- within and without.

some questions to ask of ourselves at this super moon lunation…
1) what are my deepest held values and am i truly living aligned with them- both within and without? (and if not what do i need to DO about it?)
2) where do i need to wake up and see myself, others and the world around me more clearly- seeing myself as i am and/or seeing others/the world around as it really truly is in this present moment?
3) what am i holding onto that i need to let go of (emotionally, morally, physically and otherwise)?
4) what shadow needs to brought out into the light- WITH MYSELF FIRST and then in others and the world around me?
5) where is Mother Earth/the environment hurting, calling for not only my attention but also my ACTION?
6) what does it truly mean to be a spiritual being having a human experience and what can i do to honor both- spiritual and physical, sacred and profane- without defaulting to one at the expense of the other?
7) what is being asked to transform and how can i support the personal and collective transformation that is so desperately needed right now?

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 23 taurus- a salamander glowing orange red. salamanders are symbols of transformation- as they are able to be consumed by but not destroyed by fire (alchemical wisdom). if he is glowing orange red it appears he is in the fire- or perhaps he IS the fire? this degree reminds us that we “need to embody what lives within in everything we say and do”- the outer needs to reflect the inner. we are challenged to heed “the earth’s call to awaken to ourselves as her most active and forthcoming power of evolving beyond previous limitations.” this intense time on planet earth is “the juggernaut of collective cycles and personal cycles converging and gathering momentum toward breakthroughs, breakdowns, whatever needs to happen, so that the fire in earth’s belly comes alive.”

may ‘whatever needs to happen’ be for the Highest and Deepest good of all concerned. blessed be!

~divine harmony

STAR SPARKS 23 taurus
by Ellias Lonsdale

Taurus 23 A salamander glowing red-orange

The fire in the belly of the earth. The kundalini flames. Sparking that which will never go out once it is truly and firmly lit.
An overwhelming sensation coming out through every pore that the creative fires are stoked, the situation is crucial, everything is gathering toward the need to embody what lives within in everything we say and do. A destiny imperative to acknowledge and honor and sustain the inner flames in outward life, whatever this takes, even if we have to make up for lost time and do it all now.
A dominating force. Taking through us the earth’s call to awaken to ourselves as her most active and forthcoming power of evolving beyond previous limitations. Yet prone to excess, susceptible to ego aggrandizement, tempted by every variant on the theme of becoming self-important and buying into the sheer dynamism of earth existence, without rightful discernment and tapping the well-springs of deeper wisdom.
The inflation of the archetype. The dazzling opportunity to bring into ourselves and through ourselves the will of the whole. How we deal with this kind of power is so very decisive for the future.
It is crucial for us to learn the lesson that the spirit flame is itself a threshold presence, a force from beyond, which we must express through us without getting stuck on our vision of our own special magnitude. Sometimes it is very subtle, the distinction between this self and all that we carry into the whole. And we are often here absorbed in grosser, more dramatic factors.
The juggernaut of collective cycles and personal cycles converging and gathering momentum toward breakthroughs, breakdowns, whatever needs to happen, so that the fire in earth’s belly comes alive.

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