Tuesday October 26th 2021

sun moves into virgo…

today the sun moves into the sign of virgo- the sign of the virgin and the Divine Feminine. as soon as the sun moves into virgo (exact at 10:07am) it will cojoin regulus, the royal fixed star that has been in leo for the last 2160 years until this auspicious year of 2012 when it ingressed into virgo. i have written about this momentous shift and you can find more info here- regulus into virgo- the meek shall inherit the earth

the most significant symbolism of this shift is that the fixed star of royalty has moved out of solar/royal/masculine leo and into more earthy/humble/feminine virgo. this is one of the many harbringers of the return of the Divine Feminine (along with the recent venus transit of the sun) and is a very significant shift that will manifest in years to come as time unfolds.

with the sun activating regulus in it’s new sign today we can have personal as well as collective illumination of the path of service, what it demands of us, and the Divine Feminine in the balance of things (within and without). showing us the path of humility, earth-connectedness and honoring of the Goddess is the deeper spiritual implications of this transit.

on top of all that the sun energetically opposes neptune by declination today and will do so by degree on friday- making a super aspect between the ego and the dissolver of ego that lasts until friday. positively this energy can spiritually, psychically and compassionately activate us! but it can also bring up the potential for confusion, delusion and deception. the sun in virgo is very practical and aware of the details, while neptune is idealistic, ungrounded and not interested in the mundane. seeing ourselves and situations in our lives clearly is important right now- yet it’s not easy to see beyond neptune’s fog.

on top of all of that the sun squares the nodes of destiny and karma- pointing to a major shifting point that occurs today that can help us release our karmic past and move into the future OR it can serve to keep us stuck in the past. with the sun/ego self activating the nodes it is our ego that will get in the way but it is also our essential self and awareness of the Divine Feminine/service/humility/practical nature that will help us get beyond it. the south node is in a mercury-ruled sign (gemini) so we really need to be aware of when we are staying stuck in our minds/thinking/intellect at the expense of Spirit. the north node in jupiter’s sign of sagittarius asks that we connect to our Higher Selves and see the Bigger Picture- not just stay stuck in the small things/details of our lives that can dominate the mundane.

today is a huge day! wherever virgo is in your chart will be the area of activation. for more information check the weekly horoscopes- and be sure to read for your sun sign and your rising sign (also known as ascendant)!

enjoy your day…

~divine harmony

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