solar eclipse in scorpio: moving through the eye of the needle

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the partial solar eclipse/new moon in scorpio is exact on thursday october 23rd at 2:57pm PDT (the eclipse itself begins at 2:10pm, the midpoint is 3:29pm and ends at 4:40pm), commencing a new lunar cycle that sees us moving into uncharted territory in significant and powerful ways! new moons are times to plant seeds and set intentions, and when you have a solar eclipse at the same time we have a new moon of massive proportions.

this new moon/solar eclipse is exceptionally powerful as it occurs at the very first degree of scorpio- and it is conjunct venus who also is at the very first degree. the first degree of any sign is an initiation point- and considering new moon/solar eclipses are also initiations we have some huge things opening up for us personally (in whatever area of your chart this falls) as well as collectively.

the star sparks meditation on 1 scorpio by elias lonsdale is called ‘a tunnel through a mountain’. in this meditation he speaks to moving through a passage that is “loaded, heavily karmically backlogged”. he also goes on to say that “those who hone this edge become astute and dedicated active forces for change”. this is apt for this new moon/solar eclipse in deep, dark, under worldly scorpio. scorpio is the sign i consider to be the eye of the needle. scorpio rules all the taboo topics of society: sex, death, money, power and control. the eye of the needle is a passage we move through where there is little room for error. when we are given money, power, control and sexual charisma- what do we do with it? can we live with integrity with these scorpionic gifts? on the other hand, when we are given none of these gifts and we lack money, power, control or sexual charisma- what do we do with that? how do we live our lives- as victims or as empowered individuals dealing with intense circumstances?

to me this new moon eclipse is a HUGE portal through the eye of the needle. we can move through loaded, heavily karmically backlogged crap right now. but it will take work, tenacity, a readiness/wilingness/ability to see our shadow, own our stuff, take responsibility for it and do something different so we can complete the karmic circumstances playing out in our lives ad nausea.

to add to this venus is conjunct the new moon- and when venus is conjunct the sun she is akin to inanna who journeyed into the underworld. sun/venus is a trip to the underworld and then we have both the sun and venus in scorpio, the sign associated with the underworld. this is about as deep, dark, cathartic and regenerative as you can get! and lest i need to remind you, dark does not mean evil. dark means dark. when you look at tree what you see above ground and in the Light are the trunk, branches, leaves. but below the surface of the earth we find the roots- and you cannot have a tree without roots. roots sustain us, roots feed us, roots anchor us into the world. the roots lay in the dark- so the dark i speak of when i am talking about scorpio is not an evil dark, it’s a fertile dark. (unintegrated scorpio can express itself evil, but unintegrated anything go that route- so we don’t associate evil with the sign of scorpio but rather with the unintegrated/unconsciously expressed aspects of any sign or planet)

it’s interesting to look at the sabian symbol for this degree- ‘a crowded sightseeing bus on a city street’. the typical keywords for this degree are curiosity, socialization, new experiences. but i have to say the first thing i think of when i visualize a tourist bus is a bunch of people who are new to an area and who are paying money to be shown the things that everyone who visit that area goes to see. it’s a rare experience that a tourist experience shows you the deepest, most profound parts of a city or place. a tourist bus reminds me more of the surface of things- and if you choose to you can look into things deeper but when/if you do that you will likely find yourself alone, as not as many people seem all that interested in really looking beneath the surface of things.

this is apt when you think of scorpio- as this sign LOVES to look beneath the surface. yet the solar eclipse is at the first degree of scorpio- so we are just being initiated into this deeper, penetrating viewpoint. whatever is opening up for us- it’s not something we have gone into before (at least not this lifetime). it may, in fact, be the very area of life/thing we have been avoiding because we know it’s like going down the rabbit hole and once we go down there- there’s no coming back (at least not with the same consciousness you went down and into it with!). so i envision us all on a tourist bus- being taken into deeper territory in our psyche. and we can ooo and ahh at what we see- and we can move on- or we can decide to get off the bus and walk around and actually see the territory from a new perspective (less detached and more in the trenches so to speak).

the Dark Goddess features prominently in the solar eclipse chart. mean black moon lilith (BML) is conjunct dark moon lilith and square to saturn and ceres in scorpio. there is some deep, intense, underwordly energy coming up to be addressed and looked at in family dynamics and in how we treat Mother Earth (ceres is the earth mother). true BML is conjunct jupiter and square saturn- so we have the push pull energy between expansion and contraction, growing and pruning, going for it and reigning it in. how do we straddle these two world without feeling split? is there a way to unify them and have them work together consciously for the betterment of ourselves as well as society?

and last but not least asteroid lilith is conjunct retrograde mercury and opposite uranus- activating the lower mind/Higher mind opposition that is exact on saturday when mercury stations direct. this aspect begs the question ‘what is Truth?’ and further ‘how do i communicate and align with my Truth?’ when uranus is involved we have wild card energy- so this weekend we’d all do well to expect the unexpected and stay open to sudden shifts, changes and/or unexpected information to come to Light.

with so much Dark Goddess in the chart- we are asked to face our own shadows and our tendency to express unhealed, unwhole Dark Goddess energy in the form of victim or tyrant. ultimately the journey with the Dark Goddess is one of empowerment- which comes when we are so deeply anchored within ourselves and within Mother Earth that we know who we are, why we are here and what we need to do with our lives. the journey with the DG is not one of ease, but it is one of importance and deep meaning. with her energetic signature all over the chart- we’d do well to acknowledge our place in this journey and see what we can do to further it, rather than get stuck in the muck of our karma and refuse to budge ;)

aspect-wise- the most prominent aspect configuration in the chart is the sun/moon conjunction to venus and trine to neptune- bringing in the lower heart (venus) and Higher Heart (neptune) energies in compassionate, romantic, spiritual or idealistic ways. this is a lovely eclipse to bridge personal needs/desires/Love with Divine purpose/Love. scorpio represents the depths, while pisces (where neptune is) represents the heights. being able to walk between both worlds without getting stuck in either is what mastery is all about.

lastly, i take notice of the two rulers of this eclipse. pluto is the contemporary ruler (pluto rules scorpio) and mars it the ancient ruler (mars ruled scorpio before pluto was discovered). pluto is involved in a T-square with mercury/north node opposite uranus/south node- and pluto is the focal point of the T-square. this is intense- and it points the major breakdowns and breakthroughs playing out in relationships, in communication, in our ideas and thinking and in our ability to open our minds and see reality while at the same time being able to envision a new possibility (personally and collectively).

mars is in sagittarius and he is in the last degrees of that sign- just separating from his alignment with the galactic center (a very cosmic, high vibe point in the sky). he is also out of bounds- so he is moving beyond his typical expression which can be great in terms of moving past boundaries and karmic glass ceilings- but it can also manifest as excessive, impulsive, restless energy that when used unconsciously could result in accidents, eruptions and destructive experiences. luckily mars will move into more earthy, grounded, responsible capricorn on sunday- but until then we have a very fiery mars who wants to act, but sometimes does not want to think first. all the aspects to mars are positive- so we have support in accessing the Highest manifestation of mars in sagittarius which is the capacity to take action from a place of understanding Higher Truth. mars in sagittarius sees possibilities and he sees the silver lining- so having him on board in this eclipse chart is significant.

we all have an area of our chart that this eclipse degree falls- so check your chart and/or your weekly horoscopes for more in-depth info about what brand new cycles are set to unfold in your life. if you happen to have any planets around 28/29 libra to 3/4 scorpio- factor that in when you are thinking about where you are blasting through the karmic glass ceiling- ready to move past what has previously held you back (maybe for lifetimes). this is deep stuff- and powerful astrology- so be sure to use it wisely!

eclipse blessings to you all…

~divine harmony

the full elias londsale meditation for 1 scorpio:

Scorpio 1 A tunnel through a mountain

Attempting against all odds to be spared the worst and to penetrate to a deep enough level to circumvent an adverse fate. Tapping enormous inward reserves to put the self to the test. Involved within a passage which is loaded, heavily karmically backlogged, yet seeks to get under the multiple obstacles and free something up in here, even while on other levels succumbing to the tune of what seems unavoidable and already set in motion.
A complex interlayering of strategies for moving through, strategies for resigning the soul to pain and struggle and defeat and strategies for keeping all of this going at once. If the undersoul takes up a hidden depth and the overt awareness tracks with what is quite removed from the hidden depth, this is in order to juggle and combine what would otherwise be colliding, contradictory, and confounding ways of operating.
We cover for ourselves by generating outwardly something basic and innocuous and by giving all available forces to the depth operation, while hardly consciously recognizing what is involved within this split. We almost have to be naïve, tuned out, elsewhere. Then the inner planes can occur without too much interference or complication.
So we live two lives and we get lost in this syndrome and we can be skillful with it. Either way, we are inwardly directed to go along with everything that is already in motion adaptively and to subvert the dominant paradigm as completely as we can at hidden levels. While those who go crazy with this edge lose the balance somewhere, those who hone this edge become astute and dedicated active forces for change, usually in unsuspected, gradual and peculiar forms.
The few who ever do mobilize this frequency all the way through will be at ease with whatever outwardly arises yet intensively committed to finding the lost path leading beyond all false limitations.

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