Thursday September 19th 2019

solar eclipse in virgo- fast track to evolution

the partial solar eclipse/new moon in virgo is exact on saturday september 12th, 2015 at 11:41pm PDT (the midpoint of the actual eclipse itself is 11:55pm)- initiating us into the eclipse portal of profound change, transformation, endings and new beginnings. this solar eclipse will be followed by the 4th and final total lunar eclipse that completes the rare tetrad of total lunar eclipses (four in a row) that lasted throughout 2014 and 2015- making this coming lunar cycle of huge of importance.

if new moons are times to start new chapters in life- solar eclipses are times to start new volumes (or perhaps even start a whole new story). a new moon/eclipse in virgo has a focus on health, well being, work, service, humility and self adjustments. virgo is the sign that can look at itself and see what still needs to be worked on- be it a better health regime, a more pure diet, an awareness of one’s own shadow. virgo is always reaching for perfection- so there is never a point where we are done and don’t have any more work to do on ourselves. this is absolutely wonderful for the path of inner work- but there is a shadow side. the shadow of virgo is being so hard on ourselves and others- always seeking perfection and feeling that one is not good enough until that perfection is attained. perfection as an ideal is not bad, but perfection needed in order to be happy will create problems. the best use of this eclipse is being willing to see where our work is and show up to do it, while still being able to have fun and enjoy life in the process!

there are many aspects of this eclipse that stand out that i want to speak to- but the first one is something that for me is paramount. the star sparks meditation (by elias lonsdale) for 21 virgo spells out what this eclipse is all about. i will speak to the highlights here but to read the entire thing see the end of the blog. the title for 21 virgo is ‘dark river and distant bell’. elias talks about how this degree speaks to the growth and evolution we signed up for before we incarnated- those things we agreed to and promised to ourselves before coming into this body. he says that this degree brings with it an “immediate experience (that) is drenchingly engulfing and consuming. We are right up against every karmic trap we have ever previously generated. And we are even captured so far inside of these patterns and syndromes that it looks for awhile like we cannot get out of these alive.” he goes on to say that our mind trips us up and makes us think we are caught in this pattern and there is no way out- yet the Soul knows better. the soul will stand for “nothing less than light permeating our existence”- which means that all of our hidden aspects of self, blind spots and shadow will be in the spotlight. our ego does not like this experience but it is a profound healing and awakening one for the Soul! elias ends with “Somewhere between the mystical yearnings of our soul and the flat pragmatism’s of our mind lies a place where we can allow the process to unfold while seeking to go all the way.”

this solar eclipse is about healing karmic patterns that have been with us for lifetimes and which have become crutches and roadblocks to our Soul’s evolution and growth. each of us is up against our biggest stuff right now- i am hearing this from all around (myself included). when we come up against our biggest stuff- the stuff that brings you to your knees- the desire is to check out, deny, ignore and/or over focus on living in our Light so we don’t have to see and address our darkest shadows. this is the ego’s reaction to being shown the Truth about the self- which can be quite a shocking experience (particularly if we have invested a lot of our time and energy in NOT seeing the Truth about ourselves). yet the opportunity for profound healing and MAJOR SHIFTS in our evolution are absolutely profound when we choose to face the self in such a way.

the only aspects to this eclipse are an opposition to chiron and a quincunx to uranus- activating the uranus/chiron semisextile. when a lunation has many aspects- there are many different threads weaving into the lunation and vying for attention. in this one that is not the case. the Universe has conspired to bring us a pure eclipse energy that is focused precisely like a surgeon’s blade. the capacity to use this blade wisely to cut out the carcinogenic karmic patterns that have been suffocating our Soul’s growth like a tumor overtaking the health and balance of the body is possible right now. yet it takes courage, humility, compassion for self and other and deep commitment to go all the way and see this through to the end.

the uranus/chiron semisextile began in 2009 and will last until 2021- creating a long term transit between the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener (uranus) and the Wounded Healer planetoid (chiron). these two harmoniously linking together bring amazing opportunities for sudden and complete revelation of our deepest wounds and pain with the capacity to move through them fully, see them for what they are, heal them and move further down the path of our evolutionary journey. the potential of this eclipse is to catalyze our healing and awakening in super galactic ways. it is no coincidence that saturn is in the last degree of scorpio- dredging up the last bit of shadow and facing us with our absolute deepest fears and karmic bonds (think of the devil card in tarot). it’s also not happenstance that the evolutionary north node is on the super galactic center- beaming us with high frequency energy to help us initiate the radical changes, evolutions and shifts our Souls truly seek (and that our egos are running away from). we are in a confluence of energies right now that any single one of them would be huge- but what we have is all of them happening AT THE SAME TIME. many people have been speaking to this feeling like life is full on right now and that shit is getting real. that is putting it mildly- and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to harness this energy and make it work for you in your life. the potential for karmic completion on a massive level and moving into a new frequency and dimension of evolution in your life is there and yet it is like a seed you have to choose to plant and water with intention and conscious action to make this portal of time work for you.

when hiking today i got this download that this time right now is so huge and we all have this opportunity to make major evolutionary shifts that will catapult us to a whole new level. the image that came with this download was of the video game ‘mario brothers’. i played this when i was a kid (i loved it!). if you ever played this game you probably at some point found out about warp zones where you could accidentally find a portal that would take you out of the level you were in and allow you to skip levels and move far ahead. if you just went through the whole game without the warp zones you would be going through each level, battling bad guys (your own shadow aspects within and without), accruing goodies (good karma) and slowly making your way to the top level (evolution). but if you happened upon the hidden portal you could jump time lines- you could move through a warp zone and find yourself in a Higher Level. in doing so you would skip a lot of stuff and more quickly get to the end game. well this time right now with this eclipse portal, saturn at 29 scorpio and the north node on the SGC (super galactic center) is such a warp zone. we all have the potential to find the portal that can take us rapidly from one level of experience to another. for each of us this may play out differently- although i will tell you the means to finding it is the same for everyone: INNER WORK.

this is the solar eclipse in virgo in action: commitment to one’s inner work, staying humble, showing up, facing shadow, healing splits and making the necessary self-adjustments so that our Higher Self and lower self are more energetically resonant. we cannot pass through this portal if we cling to the old karmic patterns and keep on defaulting to egoic traps in our behavior and attitudes. we have to raise our frequency to enter the portal- and the portal is only open for so long. this was the biggest part of the download i got. this portal is not open for very long! yes we will all eventually get there- and yes we will all ultimately wake up. but the opportunity to find your own personal warp zone and skip levels (because of your commitment to inner work- not because you are cheating) is a rare one that is here right now and won’t be here for long. you can choose to commit to your path and find this portal and walk through it- or you could waste your energy or sit on the sidelines, miss the opportunity and the portal will close. both options will eventually get you to the end game (whatever that is- enlightenment, going back to Source, etc…)- but clearly one has an advantage over the other- and this eclipse is serving to help you see where that warp zone/portal is and find the courage in yourself to leap into it no holds barred!

the ruler of this eclipse is mercury- who is in his pre-shadow phase and will station retrograde on september 17th (5 days after the eclipse). he is opposite uranus and quincunx chiron- activating the uranus/chiron semisextile and bringing the mind face to face with old wounds and pain and where we are in denial or delusion about our own responsibility to mastery in our life. mercury is also square pluto- the most exact aspect made by mercury. pluto demands that we dig and look beneath the surface to get to the Truth. pluto’s penetrating energy is also akin to the surgeon’s blade- cutting away illusion, burning away the dross, clearing out the stuck and stagnant shit in our lives (within and without). the best use of mercury/pluto is to be willing to see our own shadow and shit. jesus said to take the moat out of your own eye before you try to make someone else aware of their own (meaning focus on what blocks your own vision instead of focusing on someone else’s). there’s much shadow going on out there- but if we are not willing to look at and deal with our own- then it would be hypocritical of us to expect others (or our world leaders or our enemies) to do what we won’t do for ourselves.

with venus on the fixed star dubhe bringing loving but forceful energy and saturn on toliman requiring that we learn the lessons of life- there’s definitely a ruthless compassion kind of energy present in the cosmos right now. this kind of energy can make us feel like victims or it can empower us to take responsibility for the karmas we have created in our life which is the first step in being able to create something else more in alignment with Who We Really Are (which would be dharmic rather than karmic).

one last thing that stands out in the eclipse chart is the asteroid isis. the sun/moon alignment is conjunct isis, chiron is opposite isis and jupiter is parallel isis. your first thought when you hear isis is likely about the Goddess herself- and there’s definitely a resonance with her in the chart (and for more information on this Goddess feel free to google her). yet on a more mundane level isis as a prominent asteroid in a chart speaks to fragmentation and things being scattered all over the place (this comes from the story of osiris and how he was killed and split up in pieces). this makes me think of shadow karmas and how they keep us stuck in old timelines and old ways of doing/being that really are not resonant with who we are today/in this lifetime and yet we continue to stay stuck in these lowered frequencies and play these karmas out ad nausea which keeps us fragmented. isis can shine a very bright and perhaps harsh Light on this fragmentation within- with the sole focus of being able to see our scattered pieces, take responsibility for cutting them off/leaving them behind, and then take the action necessary to get it together and make ourselves whole once again. this is the epitome of virgo as virgo is in search of healing and wholeness and is committed to the path of healing and wholeness no matter what it takes.

as you can see this is a potent eclipse portal and perhaps an intense one as well. the alchemical fires of transformation are hot and not for the faint of heart. if you want to become a diamond you must withstand much pressure. if you want to turn base metal (ego) into gold (Higher Self) you must submit to the fire. the seed potential of this eclipse is massive- and yet it is up to each of us to choose our destiny and the journey we will each individually navigate to get there. there’s a fork in the road that is a-coming. and one path will take you on the fast track to evolution. enter at your own risk- and also at your own immense benefit!

yours in the transformational fires…

~divine harmony

p.s. thanks to martha lang wescott for her research on isis and many other asteroids!

p.s.s. the weekly horoscopes for next week (posted by sunday night/monday noon the latest) will focus on this eclipse for your sign. check them out and be sure to read for sun sign and rising sign!

STAR SPARKS MEDITATION (by elias lonsdale)
21 virgo

Virgo 21 Dark river and distant bell

The motivating spark is coming again to a state of realization. We have promised ourselves this outcome to our struggles and strivings. We have agreed to get there this time, to be as in ancient times one with the cosmos, one with ourselves, one with this Earth.
The immediate experience is drenchingly engulfing and consuming. We are right up against every karmic trap we have ever previously generated. And we are even captured so far inside of these patterns and syndromes that it looks for awhile like we cannot get out of these alive.
The analytical mind does a real number on us when we are submerged in past patterns. It drones onward, informing us from every possible angle that what we are caught in is inevitable, is just the way it works around here, cannot be budged. The mind does this because it gets so very discouraged and it wants to protect us against being hurt, being over-extended, looking for things that cannot come true.
Yet the truth is that mind misses the mark. That strange and hidden depth of soul which insists that dreams can come true and which knows that a vow once given is binding remains intent upon coming all the way through these growing pains into self-awakening. Nothing less than light permeating our existence, the tone of the infinite sounding in our midst can do for us when we know it’s there and we sense every place of limitation as arbitrary, as temporary, as just a place we got stuck.
Somewhere between the mystical yearnings of our soul and the flat pragmatism’s of our mind lies a place where we can allow the process to unfold while seeking to go all the way.

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