Tuesday June 15th 2021

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blessings on this dark portal out of the past and into the future!

~divine harmony



the much-awaited new moon solar eclipse in scorpio is exact this sunday november 3rd at 4:50am PDT. the eclipse portal we are currently in began with a powerful full moon lunar eclipse in aries on 10/18- an eclipse that will get activated again next year in april at the full moon lunar eclipse in libra (at the exact opposite degree). what is playing out right now is likely going to take until then to truly complete itself- so give yourself time and know that all things will reveal themselves when they are good and ready!

it is interesting to note that the eclipse portals this year have bookended the uranus/pluto square. in the spring of this year (april to may) we had two eclipse with a uranus/pluto square smack in the middle and this fall we have the same. eclipses are profound periods of amplified energy, intensity and potential for transformation- and the uranus/pluto square is similar in nature. having them both happen at the same time is kind of like throwing water into an oil fire. it’s expand, explodes and amplifies what is already happening! this can make the alchemical fires of transformation and change hotter and quicker to manifest- but it can also take situations in our lives and blow them out of proportion.

eclipses at the new moon are called solar eclipses and what occurs is that the moon comes between the sun and the earth and blocks out the sun’s Light. this solar eclipse is not total- so we will now see the whole sun blocked out- but energetically it still packs a punch. when the sun is being blocked by the moon we have the forces of the subconscoius/Unconscious blotting out the conscious self and ego. deep stuff can arise from our own psyches and the psyche of the world- and some of this can be illuminating and beautiful, while other revelations could be more destructive or terrifying in nature. keep in mind this eclipse is in deep, dark scorpio- who knows what may come up when we go down that deep? ;)

new moons are typically times of starting new things, setting intentions and sowing seeds- but the new is always built upon the old and the past. so at this new moon eclipse we can find that major new cycles are being birthed that are direct result of the past and our ability to let go and/or allow things to end. to add to this both karmic saturn and the evolutionary north node are conjunct the sun/moon alignment- which adds a heavy, serious and growth-oriented energy to the eclipse. this is a time of reckoning. all of our karma has led us to where we are today. where are we going to go next? have we completed and released our past? have we paid our dues for what we have done before? are we ready to move on? major new cycles are dying and being born right now- but it is going to take conscious intention and conscious action to implement them and sprout the seeds we are hoping for.

this eclipse is also conjunct retrograde mercury- who will be stationing direct on 11/10. mercury retrograde is very shamanistic in nature and in scorpio he is plumbing the depths of the Soul, the mysteries, the occult and the shadow. deep things can come to Light at this eclipse- about ourselves, others and the world around us. pay attention to what is coming up via conversation, communication, intuition and dreams- as the information can be important and illuminating!

the ruler of this eclipse is pluto and he is just coming off his square to uranus, exact on 11/1. shake ups, wake up calls, breakdowns and breakthroughs are the order of the week (and month, and year). this is not the kind of energy that brings safety, security and familiarity. instead it brings change, transformation, upheaval and shift! luckily pluto is harmoniously aspecting the eclipse- so the opportunities for diving deep, seeing our own crap and clearing it out (much like a cosmic colonic) are supported right now. in addition to this pluto forms a grand earth trine with mars in virgo and the south node in taurus- and a kite is formed when you include the sun/moon/saturn/north node conjunction. grand trines bring opportunities for energy to open up and be made manifest- and in earth this is about manifestation, grounding, mastery and hard work. with the eclipse conjunct the fixed star acrux which is all about focusing on the physical world, the kite formation with the eclipse shows us that if we are willing to be embodied, dealing with reality and working hard on the physical plane- we will be rewarded!

one other aspect configuration of significance is the parallel of asteroid lilith with the south node in opposition to the saturn/north node/juno conjunction (by declination). essentially we have an aspect of lilith/south node opposite juno/saturn/north node. to add to this the south node is conjunct halal and schedir- illuminating female power and the need to follow one’s own path. energetically there is an opposition between lilith’s independence, freedom and perhaps rage around the past- and the new cycles of growth, mastery and maturity that being birthed in relationships right now. if we cannot let go of the past- our relationships and commitments will not be able to grow or change. we have to be willing to address the past and all the shadow that has been hidden there- but WE CANNOT STAY STUCK THERE or it will destroy our relationships and ourselves. tapping into the hidden gifts of lilith- intuition, fierceness and occult power- is key, but we have to balance that with our commitments, agreements, connections and relationships with others. knowing when to hold and when to let go, when to connect and when to disconnect- is a lesson right now for many!

it’s a powerful week and the dark moon (from saturday to sunday early morning) that gives way to this new moon solar eclipse is a fertile time to face and release the past. the new cycles being birthed with this eclipse can only be as strong and enduring as you allow them to be. don’t build new cycles on the ruins or toxicity of the past. move on and grow into uncharted territory!


~divine harmony

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