Sunday July 25th 2021

the solar gate call for beltane has just been posted and is accessible for galactic benefactor members and/or people who have donated for the call.

this 2 hour call includes mythology, astrology, ritual, shadow work and a guided meditation to help you deepen into, embody and make use of the solar beltane energies. beltane is a time of fertility, Union, celebration and conception! what are you fertilizing and conceiving of in your life? this is also a very potent time for Inner Union and Hierosgamos. this solar gate call includes a guided meditation focused on this Inner Union.

to sign up for this call click on ‘the 8 solar gates’ or sign up for/upgrade to a galactic benefactor membership via ‘membership’ in the drop down menu at the top of my site. if you are already a galactic benefactor you will find the call under ‘cosmic insight’ and then ‘solar gate calls’. if you signed up for the call i will be emailing it to you shortly :)

blessed beltane to you!

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