Thursday February 27th 2020

saturn square neptune ahead!

happy monday! we are heading into a 2 week period that is VERY INTENSE. i don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but at the same time i want to be the bearer of Truth (and sometimes Truth is not pretty). we have actually been in this frequency for the last week and the paris attacks on 11/13 are very much related to the astrology that is building right now. the focus is on SATURN SQUARE NEPTUNE- an aspect that is exact for the first time on 11/26 (thanksgiving for those who celebrate) and will occur two more times throughout 2016.

saturn is the root chakra, neptune is the crown chakra- saturn rules 3D reality, neptune rules dreams but also illusions and denial. the saturn/neptune square is a major reality check on our dreams and fantasies. it’s a time to take the rose colored glasses off and see the reality of ourselves, our relationships, our lives and our collective experience- so that form this place of REALITY we can take positive action to create the change we wish to see (within and without). yet the challenge is how to do this without closing our hearts? neptune governs Unconditional Love and altruism- things that saturn looks at and poo-poos (i once had a capricorn/saturn ruled boss who point blank told me there is no such thing as Unconditional Love- that all Love is conditional). with a square we often feel like one is easier to do than the other. if we default to saturn we close our hearts to protect ourselves and we see reality and cannot see what is possible. if we default to neptune we are a bleeding open heart that cannot set boundaries and sees the possibility but it is completely divorced from reality. the saturn/neptune square demands that we find a way to bridge these seemingly opposite realities- no easy feat!

this astrology can be about a spiritual or material crisis- but it can also be the very thing that helps us bridge the spiritual and material in ways that support wholeness, integration and evolution. it’s up to each of us how we work with this potent energy that is afoot.

over the next 2 weeks we have the following alignments triggering this super intense transit- awareness is key as it allows us to work with the energies consciously rather than Unconsciously.

11/18- neptune stations direct- energizing the saturn/neptune square
11/19- the moon in pisces triggers the saturn/neptune square in the afternoon (3-5pm PST)
11/20 and 11/22- mercury and the sun move into sagittarius- heading into conjunction with saturn and square to neptune exact next week
11/23-24- mars triggers the saturn/neptune square
11/24- mercury triggers the saturn/neptune square
11/25- the FULL MOON triggers the saturn/neptune square forming a T-SQUARE with sun/saturn opp moon square to neptune
11/27- chiron stations direct in neptune-ruled pisces
11/29- the sun triggers the saturn/neptune square

as you can see we are heading into a potent period of time where the search for personal and collective Truth as well as the ferreting out of personal and collective denial/illusion is at the forefront of our experience.

a good mantra to keep in mind over the next two weeks is thus: “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle.” this goes for yourself as well as others- and yet if you tend to be too neptunian you also need to set clear and healthy boundaries in the name of Love. being kind does not preclude taking care of yourself and your needs.

if you do an honest self check in you should be able to get super clear on which side of the spectrum you tend to default to (saturn or neptune) and then your work over the next 2 weeks (and really the next year) is to master the other side, as the antidote to too much saturn is neptune and the antidote to too much neptune is saturn. with the square going on between the two we have an amazing opportunity to find a bridge to wholeness- within and without!



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