Tuesday April 13th 2021

we have a powerful alignment coming up next week when stationary pluto in capricorn trines mean black moon lilith in virgo on thursday april 16th. the pluto/BML alignment is exact at 11:23am PDT and then pluto stations retrograde later that day at 8:54pm- so all day long (and really a week or so before and after) this potent alignment of the Dark Masculine (pluto) and the Dark Feminine (BML) can be felt deeply.

of course the week before and after this alignment is the time we have a stationary pluto, coming to a standstill in the sky (from our perspective on earth) and set to go retrograde on april 16th. the slowest planet is the most powerful and when all planets are going in direct motion- pluto is THE slowest planet as he is the furthest outer planet that is recognized right now (eris may trump that soon though). so when you take one of the most powerful planets, put him at a standstill so his power is focused on one degree (15’32 capricorn) and you have him trine black moon lilith at the same time- we have a recipe for really focused energy, intention and manifestation, and working with/making use of this energy consciously is recommended.

pluto is the Lord of the Underworld and the Great Transformer and he governs that which lies beneath the surface of consciousness. when he stations retrograde it’s akin to him going down deeper into the underworld he governs- which is reminiscent of shamanic journeys into the deep subconscious. pluto is in capricorn so he is shining his powerful Light of insight, destruction and transformation on the structures, traditions, obligations and expectations we live our lives within. capricorn also rules patriarchy, big business and the government: institutions that seem like will endure forever and to which we often will give over our power, thinking they have our best interests at heart. pluto entered capricorn in 2008 and he has been showing us the cracks in our thinking, our beliefs and our institutions. he exposes what is toxic, stagnant or stuck so that we can be aware of what needs to be overhauled or gotten rid of all together so that something new can birth in its place.

black moon lilith is the Dark Goddess archetype. she governs intuition, magic, power, embodied wisdom and the passion of the Soul. dark does not mean evil- it just means dark. if you look at a tree- the branches, leaves and trunk are above the surface and visible- but the roots are below the surface and in the dark. you cannot have a tree without roots- just as you cannot have the Divine Feminine without her darker aspects. the Light feminine is virginal, pure, self-sacrificing, eternally youthful and beautiful. the Dark feminine, on the other hand, is embodied, connected to her sexuality and power, often seen as a crone figure, and she’s fierce and a force to be reckoned with. we all have both aspects of the feminine within us, just as we all have both aspects of the masculine (dark and light) within us. the key is in finding balance between them all. unfortunately the Dark Feminine is the most demonized and repressed- the powerful feminine energy is called lots of names, few of which are nice (i.e. witch, bitch, whore). so a big part of reclaiming wholeness relates to healing the wounded Dark Feminine (i used to have a Facebook group by the same name until Facebook deleted it!)

with pluto trine BML next week we have a deep opening to feminine power, empowerment and transformation of our own shadow aspects into something that can be used as Light (aka as something that can illuminate and initiate us into the next level of our journey). pluto represents the depths, that which lies beneath and the search for Truth that is hidden (strong pluto always shows up in charts of psychologists, researchers, investigators and those interested in the occult). BML represents magic, intuition, the powerful feminine and the ability to see beyond the surface to get to the Truth. clearly these two are on the same page- and often BML is seen as a feminine version of pluto (or perhaps we should say pluto is a masculine version of BML ;). so the alignment between these two can be seen as a sacred marriage of complimentary energies that can work quite well together. with these two trine each other the desire to go deep, get to the Truth, discover what is hidden and bring it up to the Light of consciousness is powerful. this can play out in the excavation of our own depths and shadows- but it can also play out more collectively and Universally. these two in alignment and worked with consciously are a powerful force for transformation, evolution, death and rebirth! so it’s recommended we use the energies wisely :)

it is interesting to note that in the days following this alignment mercury and mars will come into trine both pluto and BML (on april 22nd)- forming a Grand Earth Trine that activates a similar one that was formed on march 28th when venus was in taurus. so in the last month we have mercury the mind, venus the heart and mars the will all energetically linking up with pluto and BML (and on may 8th the conscious self and ego- the sun- will trigger this Grand Earth Trine as well). with every single personal planet that governs functions associated with the ego/lower self lining up with the Great Transformer and Dark Goddess- there seems to be a huge push for anchoring the transformative, magical and evolutionary energies in the cosmos into our physical bodies, lower selves and the 3D world right now. think descension and immanence versus ascension and transcendence- as we are not trying to escape being in a body on planet earth right now, but we are in fact working to be fully embodied and present (and the Grand Earth Trine can certainly help!).

one of the best ways to utilize this energy is via embodied experiences and practices. so do some yoga, get some healing sessions, be out in nature, go for a hike. doing things that help bridge the Spirit world with the physical world- rather than doing things that further separate the two- is recommended. this is not an escapism aspect- it’s an aspect of being here, showing up, taking care of the body and earth and realizing that what we are searching for is not out there but is in here. all we have to do is discover it and bring it forth from within us. the transformative forces are high right now! and with the Grand Earth Trine dominating from end of march to beginning of may- we have deep potential to anchor and embody that transformation in pivotal, life-enhancing ways. yet it is up to each of us to do something with that potential ;) potential is the seed- but it’s the actions we take and work we do on ourselves that ultimately shows how that seed will sprout. yet i see pluto/BML as certain kind of cosmic miracle grow available to us all right now. radical growth is possible! all we have to do is embrace it and embody it.

yours in the stars…

~divine harmony

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