Tuesday October 26th 2021

early this morning (at 5:50am PDT) pluto sextiled chiron for the 3rd time of a series of 5 spanning from may 2012 to february 2014. this long term aspect is deep, transformative and cathartic! with the lord of the underworld digging up our deepest shadow and the wounded healer digging up our deepest pain we have opportunities to go into the places that scare us to transform and heal all that shadow and pain into Light and consciousness! this is a GREAT time for therapy, shamanistic journeys, and any of the oracular arts (astrology, tarot, etc…). deep subconscious material is trying to come to be seen and owned! it’s a deep day/week/month/year- there is no getting around it. the only way out is through- and DOWN!

there are no weekly horoscopes this week because i went on a much needed retreat friday through wednesday and had a lot of things to write and complete before i left and the weekly scopes did not get done. what was put in their place was the new MONTHLY HOROSCOPES (found under the cosmic insight tab) so members were not left without a horoscope to read this week ;) from now on i will be writing monthly horoscopes and they will be featured in FIND BLISS MAGAZINE as well as on my website.

for insight into the meaning of the pluto/chiron aspect for each sign (which has been addressed in previous horoscopes as well) read below…


~divine harmony

aries- pluto is transforming your house of career and life purpose, while chiron is helping to heal your Unconscious and opening you up to worlds beyond this one.

taurus- pluto is transforming your spiritual path and connection to your Higher Self, while chiron is helping to heal (and/or release) your friendships and community involvements.

gemini- pluto is transforming your intimate relationships, finances/debt and deepest fears, while chiron is helping to heal and awaken your life path, purpose and career.

cancer- pluto is transforming your deepest one to one relationships, while chiron is helping to heal your connection to your Higher Self and your spiritual journey.

leo- pluto is transforming your work life, routines and overall health and well-being, while chiron is helping to heal your intimate relationships, finances/debt and deepest fears.

virgo- pluto is transforming your creativity, fertility (perhaps a child coming in?) and unique self-expression, while chiron is helping to heal your intimate and committed one-to-one relationships.

libra- pluto is transforming your roots, foundation, home and family life, while chiron is helping to heal your work, health and day to day functioning.

scorpio- pluto (your ruling planet) is transforming your communication and thinking, while chiron is helping to heal your creative and sexual energy and that child within.

sagittarius- pluto is transforming your finances, self-worth and material reality, while chiron is helping to heal your roots, foundation, and connection to your home and family.

capricorn- pluto is in your sign transforming your entire life direction and how you meet the world, while chiron is helping you to heal your mind, communication and thinking.

aquarius- pluto is transforming your Unconscious and helping you to face your inner demons and realize your greatest dreams, while chiron is helping to heal your material reality, finances and self-worth.

pisces- pluto is transforming your friendships, community connections and role in your community, while chiron is in your sign helping you to heal your entire life and come into greater awareness of who you are, why you are here and what your gifts are.

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