Saturday February 23rd 2019

perigee and apogee

hello friends and readers! i am writing this blog to correct an astronomical error i made in my total lunar eclipse in aries write up. i said that uranus was perigee- which was information i got from my we’moon calendar. we’moon lists the perigees and apogees and i have been referring to their datebook for that info as it seems my kepler 6.0 and 7.0 software as well as my solar fire 8.0 software do not have the capacity to run reports to confirm this information. it seems that kepler sirius CAN do this- and i may very well upgrade to sirius so that i can do this research on my own.

so what happened this week just before the lunar eclipse was not a uranus perigee- it was a uranus at opposition. this meant uranus was opposite the sun- which is true as he was opposite the sun in the total lunar eclipse chart. the moon WAS perigee on monday- so i feel that why that day was so heightened (i don’t know about you but that day was more intense for me that the actual eclipse day was!) was due to the fact that the moon was closest to earth in it’s orbit.

the other planets- mercury on out- are not ever listed as perigee or apogee, they are listed as perihelion or aphelion- which shows the planet either closest to or furthest from the sun (not the earth as perigee and apogee relate to).

i apologize for giving out misinformation! you learn something new every day ;)

so this total lunar eclipse was not conjunct an apogee uranus. it was a day after the uranus opposition (to the sun) and it was two days after the perigee moon. it still packed a punch though- and i am sure that the effects of this eclipse are still reverberating through your being even as i write (i know that is the case for myself!).

many blessings…

~divine harmony

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