Tuesday April 13th 2021

paypal issues :(

hello all…this post is for members who have a subscription on my website. i am having MAJOR paypal issues. they are having problems with recurring payments and many people’s monthly payments are skipping when they should not. typically a payment will skip if the credit card on file has expired or there are insufficient funds in the account. but the rash of skipped payments that have occurred recently are happening to people who are current in their accounts. it seems that the dates for renewal are showing up incorrectly on the individual paypal accounts. for example a client who signed up on the 3rd of the month and always pays on the 3rd is saying her paypal says her payment is due on the 8th. on my end though i have gotten a skipped payment notification for her account.

what i am recommending for people is to either wait it out and see what happens- but if you do this you will not be able to access your account until payment goes through. OR you can send the monthly dues to my personal email address (divineharmony13 at gmail dot com) and i will manually renew your account and IF paypal tries to take a second payment later i will refund it.

i am so sorry for the issues and hope that none of you are terribly inconvenienced.

thank you for your patience…

~divine harmony

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