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new moon in sadge conjunct juno- commitment to Truth

the new moon at 7’43 sagittarius is exact on tuesday november 29th 2016 at 4:18am PST. this new moon is a mirror reflection of the new moon in early june of this year as both new moons have a key signature in common: they are both square nebulous neptune and the karmic south node. if you have read my writing on this potent alignment of neptune on the karmic south node you know that the shadow of pisces has been rampant right all of november (and really all year long). unconscious or conscious tendencies towards denial, delusion, deception, escapism, turning to addictions to numb out and avoid facing reality, playing the victim or the martyr, lack of accountability and spiritual bypassing have been strong karmic pulls to act out. it has been VERY HARD to get a handle on the Truth and to see what is real and what is unreal, what is honest and what is deceptive, what or who is a sheep and what or who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. (for more in-depth info on the neptune/south node conjunction you can find it in the weekly astrology blogs throughout november as well as the blog linked here- so this month of november relates back to early june- and due to neptune’s station direct on the karmic south node from the 17th and 19th it is time to come clean and get clear on what was not above board, honest or aligned with the path of integrity, discernment and self mastery (although that is no easy feat!).

this new moon is conjunct juno- the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage- bringing to focus that which we are committed to in relationships, business partnerships, financial arrangements and more importantly to ourselves, our path of growth and evolution and to living aligned with our personal Truth. the sign of sagittarius is all about Truth- the pursuit of it as well as the journey to understanding the difference bewteen little truth (the ego’s truth) and big Truth (the Higher Self’s Truth). with all the nebulous neptune energy flying around this year it has been really easy to delude ourselves into thinking we were living aligned with Truth and Integrity when in fact we have not been. it’s easy to have fooled ourselves this year- as well as fooled others. it’s also been easy to be fooled by the world at large- just look at all the media manipulation, the political scene and the standing rock situation to feel into all that has been going on behind the scenes that is only just now coming into Light for the world to see! yet this lunation is asking us to discern through the confusions and possibly even purposeful deception what IS Truth and what does it mean to be living fully aligned with it?

with jupiter in libra as the ruler of this lunation right smack in the middle of triggering pluto (exact last week 11/24), uranus (exact on 12/26) and eris (1/17)- the start of some potent activating transits that carry us all the way through september 2017- the 10 month portal we are entering into is a potent one. pluto demands shadow work and facing fears and obsessions around power, control, sexuality, wealth and fame. uranus demands honest expressions of anger, individuation and radical change. and eris demands that we face that which is stuck, stagnant or toxic and own our part in it- with accountability being the key that unlocks the door to profound evolution and transformation on the other side. of course jupiter in libra just wants peace and harmony and right relationship- but with this trio activating jupiter for the next 10 months we actually have to deal with the discord, chaos, shadow, darkness and unhealthy relationships FIRST. we have to deal with the past first before we can move into the future.

luckily jupiter is also trine to saturn- aligning the two teacher planets that help us grow in positive ways. we need to be willing to do the work. if we are grasping at juicy rewards and don’t want to have to work for it- we will miss the powerful portal for evolution of consciousness right now. and with mars in visionary, outside of the box aquarius making great aspects to both teacher planets- we are supported in taking action, evolving ourselves BIG TIME and being innovative in radical, revolutionary, and most importantly healthy and positive ways in our lives!

in the new moon chart mercury and venus- the mind and the heart- are out of bounds. out of bounds planets go beyond the bounds of the sun and have Higher expressions we can tap into while also being harder to access which requires more work and commitment on our part. with mercury in sagittarius on the galactic center- messages are incoming about our personal and collective path of evolution. now is the time to listen and let go of tendencies to hubris, pride and holier than thou stances. with venus in capricorn we are being asked to get very clear on what we value in life and what we want to commit to seeing all the way through- both in relatoinships and financial situations but also in regards to our values, morals and self-worth.

it’s interesting to note that neptune in the new moon chart is 5 minutes away from triggering the solar eclipse degree from september 1st 2016. that solar eclipse in virgo was conjunct the north node, opposite neptune and square to saturn and mars. that was the midpoint lunation of the new moon in gemini in june and the new moon in sagittarius this month. that solar eclipse was a call to rise in integrity, self mastery, humility, commitment to inner work and commitment to being of service. yet it was opposite neptune and square to saturn- making it very difficult to discern what path was the Higher path and what path was the easy, lower, unconscious one (which our spiritual egos could have been totally convinced was in fact the Higher one). when planets trigger eclipse degrees big time energies can get activated around that eclipse. some astrologers say it is not until an outer planet triggers an eclipse degree that the eclipse energy is fully activated in our lives. but when we talk about neptune this is not so much about activation as it is about dissolution. the solar eclipse in virgo wants to see and discern the right path ahead clearly- whereas neptune’s involvement has been more about dissolution of that which is not true or perhaps revelation of that which is lie so that we can get to the bare bones of things, devoid of escapsit tendencies and means by which we could check out- forced to stand and face the Truth and take personal responsibility for our part in creating it.

with chiron, the Wounded Healer, about to station direct 2 days later (exact early morning on thursday december 1st)- there are big time energies present all week long (and the weeks surrounding) that are about bringing awareness to wounds and pain that run us unconsciously. did you know that about 90% of the decisions we make in life are made by the Unconscious? we think we are choosing what to wear, what kind of diet we eat, what kind of work we do, what kind of people we date from a conscious place. but for the most part we are not. our Unconscious wounds and pain are running our decision making process. we convince ourselves we are being conscious when in fact we are most certainly NOT. that is why shadow work and inner work is so important on the path of individuation, evolution and consciousness. what we cannot see within we will project without and it will come into our lives as fate. what we cannot see within also has control over us- and we will act it out in ways that our conscoius self would be quite shocked to see and admit! in the new moon chart venus in capricorn is sextile chiron but she is also square uranus- so healing can come by way of shake ups and wake up calls, breakdowns and breakthroughs. the destabilizing energy of uranus (and eris) only wants the Truth- and nothing but the Truth. this makes me think of the tom cruise movie where the guy screams ‘you want the Truth? you can’t handle the Truth!’. well right now is the time for us all to do our inner work so that we can handle the Truth- the Truth about ourselves, about others and the world around us. until we can see within and without clearly- we will be operating in the world from a place of Unconsciousness and lack of mastery and that can make things get pretty messy and even have devestating effects in the long term.

i leave you with the star sparks degree for this lunation- all about the journey through shadow and seeing what we cannot see or do not want to see in ourselves, others and the world around us. this commitment to seeing Truth is not one to be taken lightly. it demands everything of you! it demands that you strip away the illusions you have clothed yourself in for comfort to avoid the harsh Light of reality shining on your life. this commitment to Truth reveals with brutal honesty the Truth of yourself and your actions in life. it requires that you show up, be accountable and stand in the Truth- even if in doing so forces you to stand naked in front of those around you, clearly showing yourself and others where you are deeply wounded and not living aligned. as ellias says “this does involve a radical purging of an old self that does a lot of damage.” this is not easy territory personally or collectively but it is necessary territory to navigate. our world is at a pivotal point of shift- and the choices we make personally and collectively will largely determine the direction we will go in. on a personal level think about what is going on right now in your life and ask yourself ‘do i want to keep on playing out this pattern in future lives?’ patterns repeating right now are in a pivotal place of choice. you can choose to take actions right now that break patterns and complete karmas and assist us in purging and old self OR you take actions right now that further entrench you into patterns and karmas in deeper ways and keep you stuck in an old self that continues to do a lot of damage. think wisely and act consciously in the coming lunar cycle. use the new moon in sadge to help you rise up to the freqency of your Highest Self so that actions taken and words spoken Source from this place. stay at your crown! (crown chakra)


~divine harmony

p.s. thanks to my sistar from the stars for the inspiration (you know who you are). i love you!

by ellis lonsdale

Sagittarius 8 The harsh landscape of the moon with a black sky. The earth is not visible.

Seeing life from under the inside. Being in the void, the abyss. Staying right there and experiencing all this within the dark, through a heavy filter. Being given an entirely convincing and endlessly consuming passage through the darkest side of this existence.
Being able to discover the shadow ways to the utmost intensity and depth. Most gifted in ferreting out hidden motives, undercurrents of every conceivable kind. Hyper-intent upon staying with this perspective until it can be disproven.
A profound attachment to being lost, being caught, being punished, being put through the most extreme ordeals. A mountainous identification with a level of awareness which is tightly binding and will not let us go.
Hidden strings. Hard-to-get-at underpinnings. The intricate, fascinating and deadly absorption in the underworld. What will it take to lift the curse, to peel away the enchantment, to make the light dawn genuinely?
It will take brutal honesty and a bizarre willingness to stay with our own sensations and impressions even if we cannot justify or prove anything other than that we stayed with it. This is the only thing we know here. If we are going to get out, we cannot bargain, cheat, fake it. We come crawling out on our knees, bloody and self-recovered.
Yet it must be admitted that to endure this passage and emerge free and clear will take a miracle. The soul under those layers does not believe in miracles. The crawling distance may be to find just enough inward sanctuary to pray and seek that which is doubted, feared, avoided.
It does take divine intervention. This does involve a radical purging of an old self that does a lot of damage. This is going out there the hard way and not coming in until the issue is decided, or something else altogether.

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