new moon in pisces conjunct chiron- facing our pain

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Astrology Blog

the new moon at 26’53 pisces is exact on saturday march 17th 2018 at 6:11am PDT. this new moon is in the last sign of the zodiac- being the last new moon in the yearly cycle of the sun through all the 12 signs. the next new moon in aries takes us into a new cycle- so this is akin to a dark moon time of the year. just as the saying goes ‘it is darkest before the dawn’ the last part of any cycle- be it solar, lunar, planetary, stellar or otherwise- can feel dark and intense. karmically the last part of a cycle is the time to wrap up all the lessons and complete all the karmas that were set into motion that need resolution before the next cycle can start. this is actually a great time for colonic (literal, emotional and otherwise) and spring cleaning- a time to clear out anything left over from the past in order to lighten up and prepare to move forward into new parts of our journeys!

this new moon in pisces can be mystical, spiritual, creative and profound. the last sign of the zodiac is the sign of the Higher Heart and governs compassion, intuition, psychic gifts, service, mysticism, surrender and bliss. pisces also governs loss, dissolution, letting go (it’s the end of the cycle after all), confusion, illusion, deception, spiritual bypassing (where we use spirituality to avoid facing our pain), escapism, addiction, and playing the victim/savior/martyr. because this new moon is conjunct chiron the Wounded Healer are all being asked to really honestly face these shadow pisces qualities within ourselves and in the world around us. where are we seeking to transcend what we have not moved through? where are we seeing what we want to see instead of seeing reality. where are we spiritualizing and seeing the Light while purposely avoiding facing the shadow? the Highest manifestation of pisces is AMAZING. we need more high frequency pisces in the world! yet the shadow of pisces manifest as the psychotic, the addict, the pathological liar, the one who cannot see himself clearly and the one who cannot see others or the world around clearly either.

chiron first entered pisces in 2010 and was officially in pisces (without going back into aquarius) in 2011. this year is a threshold year for chiron as he enters aires for the first time in 50 years (since 1968) and actually goes back and forth between pisces and aries throughout the year. this crossing of chiron from 29 pisces to 0 aries- from the ultimate omega point of endings/death/dissolution to the ultimate alpha point of beginnings/birth/unification- is very, very potent. it heralds not just a shift of chiron into a new sign but in fact a shift of chiron and our collective consciousness into a new 50 year cycle of the Wounded Healer planetoid. chiron in his Highest represents awareness, enlightenment, healing, awakening and wholeness. chiron in his lowest frequency represents wounding, pain, Unconscious conditioning that runs us and where we operate enmeshed with our wounds- either staying stuck in our wounding or wounding others in the process. this new moon is the last new moon to be conjunct chiron in pisces! next years new moon in pisces will see chiron just having moved into aries where he will officially stay until 2026. so we can see this last new moon in a yearly cycle with the last new moon conjunct chiron in the last sign of the zodiac as an 11th hour new moon if you will. in the 11th house we only have an hour until midnight. ‘the hour is getting late’ and what do we still have to do regarding our personal and collective healing in order to fully awaken, fully shift and be ready to seed a new cycle.

we are constantly in the process of cycles- times of beginning and times of ending, times to be ahead and times for being behind. this is natural. and when we cycle with the natural cycles we are in tune. but we live in a western world where we try to control cycles and we try to control nature- from gmo’s in food to cloud seeding and weather modification to artificial intelligence where we are seeking to have consciousness without needing a body- we are very, very out of whack with nature. we live in a world where we elevate light, power, expansion and control and we see the dark, vulnerability, contraction and chaos as something to dominate, control, suppress or cut ourselves off from. unfortunately the dark, the vulnerable, chaos and endings are the realm of the feminine- so we are cutting ourselves off from our feminine selves and the Divine Feminine in the world around us. duality exists not to destroy the side that we don’t like and consider wrong/bad/evil/scary. duality exists so that we can do the work of unification- and yet we live in a world where we polarize, split, disconnect and live from a sense of separation.

ultimately the new moon conjunct chiron can be a call to unification and healing but the path to healing requires FEELING all that we have denied. feeling the pain and suffering we are stuffing and denying, feeling the pain of the animals/children/women/men and Mother Earth herself that is on-going on the planet EVERY DAY. looking to the skies and seeing artificial clouds and feeling the lungs of Mother Earth choking. looking to the waters and seeing the toxins we dump into them everyday as sludge clogging up Her veins. the hermetic maxim ‘as within, so without- as the Universe so the Soul’ is not just words. what is going on on the planet today mirrors what is going on within. we have lost touch with the feminine, the Mother, our bodies, our emotions, the earth. unfortunately we cannot live without a body (although AI is working on that) and we cannot survive on our planet if our Beloved Mother is destroyed. this new moon is a call to GET REAL. to see what is going on around us and within us and instead of using the awareness to stay stuck in grief, shock, anger or rage- we use that awareness to motivate ourselves to take action. we each have things we feel most passionate about and this is a time to tune into that passion and use our voices to uplift humanity!

this new moon is square mars at the critical 29th degree of sagittarius. mars square chiron literally is the Wounded Masculine principle. where mars in sadge says more more more- mars square chiron shows the wounding around actions taken from ego, from a desire for power, control, more money, more land, more resources- all at the expense of others. ‘we are all one’ is not just lip service! but you cannot understand this mantra from the head- it has to come form the heart. the heart is also a symbol of the feminine- and many of us live closed off from our hearts. there is too much pain in the world and to live with an open heart means you will FEEL EVERYTHING. yet to live with a closed heart means you will not only feel nothing but you will not be motivated to take any action about the horrific things going on in the world around you. it’s a courageous act to live from an open heart. and yet we need the heart warriors to step up and take a stand!

the Highest expression of mars square chiron is healing around the masculine principle. healing and creating right relationship with our will, drive, anger and ego energies. the ego is not something to destroy! that is more polarization! that is more black and white, good and evil. the ego is a container for Spirit, just like the body is the container for Soul. we need healthy containers- so we need healthy egos and bodies. any spiritual tradition that tells you to destroy your ego is something i would be wary of. and in the same breathe i would say any spiritual tradition that has you doing practices that amplify the spiritual ego (which is honestly can be more concerning that regular ego) is also something to be wary of! this is why i am so into shadow work- as shadow work is about making everything conscious. ego, persona, Unconscious, shadow, mana personality- ALL OF IT. integration and wholeness only happens when all aspects of self are brought into Union- which requires retrieving all parts of self, not getting rid of anything. it’s only when we are not consciously relating to it that it has power and control. when we consciously relate to our anger or rage for example, it no longer has the capacity to be violent and abusive. when we consciously relate to our grief and pain- it no longer has the power to numb us. this is long term work though- of which i am still very much on the path- but i feel this work is SO NECESSARY ON THE PLANET RIGHT NOW.

the new moon trines jupiter which is a lovely aspect that feels like the Universe saying ‘if you do the work you will be rewarded’. remember that we are in the midst of an amazing jupiter/pluto sextile- and with jupiter in the sign of pluto (scorpio) the gifts come when we are willing to go deep. shadow work, inner work, facing fears, facing obsessions. this is not a time to run away from what we are afraid of and it’s not a time to succumb to our obsessions and desires (that of the ego). instead it’s a time to stop running away from or towards and stand in the fire of alchemical transformation. staying with what triggers you and not reacting to it is like a super power and way more useful than being able to throw a glamour, magnetize and captivate people, or manifest gold/jewels or do other seemingly magical things.

a very interesting minor aspect in the new moon chart is the north node at the precise opposite midpoint of the sun/moon/mars square, which puts the karmic south node at the exact midpoint of the sun/moon/mars square as well. the karmic south node is where we stay stuck in the past. where we repeat karmic patterns over and over again ad nausea. the pull to the old, to the past, to the karmic is alluring and easy. it’s also sticky and hard to get out of. with the karmic south node sandwiched between the new moon square mars- wherever we overdo pisces (delusion, denial, escapism, addiction, spiritual bypassing) or where we over do shadow mars (aggression, will, pursuit of quantity over quality, power, control, dominance, aggression)- we can find the Universe shining a Bright Magnifying Light on these tendencies so we can see them for what they are- old behaviors that keep us spiritually stuck, like spiritual children refusing to grow up. the north node in leo being at the opposite midpoint is the call into our hearts, our radiance, our self esteem and FULL SELF AWARENESS. yes leo is the sign of the ego but it’s also the sign of the Total Self. that Self which our whole life trajectory (and i would say lifetimes trajectory) is about fully embodying- that is the Highest expression of Leo. knowing Who We Really Are, Where We Come From and Why We Are Here (note the capitalization meaning i am not talking about the ego and it’s script but rather the Self/Spirit/Soul and it’s True Story). this new moon can help us realize that part of self a little bit more- if we are willing to do the work to get there!

one other thing to note is that mercury is about to station retrograde in the new moon chart. he has been in his front end shadow since march 8th and he actually stations retrograde on march 22nd. the mind and intellect is heading into the Underworld and his Underworld journey is in aries- the 1st sign of the zodiac. this journey is a time to rethink, review and revise what it means to be the essential self, to be independent and self focused. if our independence and self focus is at the expense of the well being of others or the planet THIS IS A PROBLEM. where aries and the ruling planet mars both like to do what they want in the moment- mercury retrograde is a call to reign in our desires, will and drive and think before we speak or act. not an easy thing for mars/aries energy to do- but for mastery, maturity and the health of our selves and the planet we must!

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 27 pisces and 15 pisces- the degree of the new moon and of the ruler of the new moon, neptune. to me they both show the deepest potential of pisces- which is what we are seeking to realize and embody. may we collectively realize this potential in this current lifetime- for the benefit of all beings everywhere. blessed be!

~divine harmony

Star Sparks
by Ellias Lonsdale

Pisces 27 A ritual sand painting

There is an elegance, a refinement, an intricate design. It has been laid there by nature, by the forces of the Earth. When human souls take it up, they are led to stick very close to the Earth’s subtle winding patterns. There are infinite variations. But all of these come down to tracking between the Earth’s reverberating depths and the deep soundings of the soul.
This realm is vastly non-verbal. It is intrinsic, implicit, goes with the territory. You have to be in there to get it. Even when you’re in there each moment shifts, although nothing stays the same. The paradox of great flux and immutable constancy forms the vessel.
People would say that this frequency is unconscious. That would mean; no mind can explain it, no self can claim it, no past can tell you where to go. It is unconscious. But when you are naturally attuned at those depths, the last thing needed is intrusion of the outer mind to try to get on top of the situation. There is no top. There is no situation.
This is the native sensibility of those who can’t get away from the design, the living mandala, the wondrous perfection that is here. To be authentic to interior experience is everything. But it won’t fit in with any schemes. You can’t do anything with it, except trace those flows and become them.
On the inside, this is a magnificent facility at staying present deep under and never needing to surface. It’s the underground world of the Knowers. You can do a whole lot here if you can remain naïve to the process.

Pisces 15 Many kinds of fruits arranged on a silver tray

Coming to the point of completion. Being at the end of an old line or cycle. Bearing at long last the capacity to heal, to renew, to restore. Prodigal in gifts, in treasures, in creative expression, in ways we can go with this kind of wonder and majesty.
Stunningly endowed with whatever it takes to reveal spirit in action from any conceivable angle or facet. Even able to bring a number of diverse strands together almost effortlessly. Brought to a point where all of this has to be given forth and freed up, nothing held back any further.
When shame and guilt are left behind and this infinite bounty is expansively brought into active expression of many diverse kinds, the feeling in the vicinity is that this is what it’s always been like, this is how it’s supposed to feel, this is the vibrational frequency that would accompany the stage of fulfillment and completion. And indeed, it’s all true.
To be so free with something so rare and wondrous is quite an attainment. If we restrict it or hoard it, go against it or make it private and specialized, we warp this fine tuned capacity and it can become something quite different. It begs to be embodied fully, openly, and joyously. Anything less becomes far more trouble than it’s worth.
If we do restrict the flow for any reason, it backs up. If we persist in holding onto it, the back up can become poisonous, toxic. Yet as soon as we let it out and admit that we are vessels of universal supply, the waters cleanse, everything turns beautiful and all of us benefit from the deluge.
The lesson here is to go with our own feeling for what we bear and to refuse to get in our heads about it. We need to be deeply feeling, soulfully in here so that the earth is graciously served. The only way to go is to receive and respond to the loving waters with a glad and open heart.

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