Sunday September 19th 2021

i just recorded a 13 minute video about this lunar gate, my lunar mysteries offerings, and some amazing opportunities to dive deep into shadow work in the coming months. listen on for more and click the links below to read more about the various offerings :)


with the new moon in gemini in coming i share the offerings of my lunar insight, lunar gate call and lunar horoscopes for the new moon! also next solar gate incoming. for info on how to sign up for these offerings click the membership link here-

i also invite you to join me on a shadow work journey- at a london class on shadow work at triyoga on june 29th, with a sisterhood shadow work group with my teacher robert masters in ojai november 2nd-6th, with myself and my dear sister sarah grace in ancient egypt on a sacred sisterhood pilgrimage from october 2nd through 16th and with astrology hub in august (more info coming soon)- a masterclass on shadow work and astrology! (see links below for more info)

to sign up for galactic benefactor membership to get the lunar gate calls, solar gate calls and all my other astrology offerings click here-

to sign up to join me in london on june 29th for my talk on shadow work at triyoga shoreditch click here-*&from=&to=27-07-2018&with=100001983&what=*&search=true&courseid=&classdescid=

to read about my personal connection to shadow work click here-

to email me about robert’s women’s shadow work group in ojai in november click here-

to get more information about the sisterhood pilgrimage to egypt and to apply click here-

and to email me to be on a contact list when registration opens for my ‘shadow work and astrology’ masterclass with astrology hub in august click here-

and last but not least to read the lunar insight on this new moon in gemini click here-

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