new moon in libra- change is the only constant

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the new moon at 26’35 libra is exact at 12:12pm PDT on october 19th 2017, commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on relationships, partnerships and the sacred dance between self and other, masculine and feminine, yang and yin. this is one powerhouse of a lunation because it is exactly opposite uranus- the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener who is at 26’31 aries. both the sun and moon will trigger uranus in the hours leading up to the new moon (sun opposite uranus 10:35am and moon opposite uranus 12:04pm) making for some wake up/shake up energy playing out on the day of the new moon but also in the upcoming lunar cycle.

we just finished having jupiter trigger uranus- and this new moon is reminiscent of the last jupiter/uranus opposition (from 9/28 to 10/2 when jupiter and uranus aspected by degree and declination). waking up and shaking up the old established order is in hand. libra is about partnership and connection yet her shadow is sweeping things under the carpet as a means to not face and address what is not working, what is out of balance or what is simmering beneath the surface. with uranus in fiery aries opposite the lunation what we have stuffed or repressed will certainly come up and out! this can be good, freeing and liberating or it can be anxiety producing, chaotic and unexpected. it is up to each of us and how we navigate this lunar cycle- with a willingness to face our own shadow, anger, rage and need to be in control. if we are denying that we will experience coming into our life as fate. if we are conscious of it we can start to relate to it more directly and work with this shadow part of self in integrative ways.

there are some sweet aspects to this lunation- being conjunct mercury and jupiter in scorpio (wide and out of sign), semisextiles mars in virgo and sextile saturn. we have the two teacher planets and the mind and will aligned with the new moon- reminding us that when we stay open to other’s Truths and other’s perspectives we are able to find common ground. my way or the highway stances will not work. both sides need to find common ground and this will require compromise and collaboration. mercury/jupiter is great for learning, studying, teaching and traveling. being willing to see what is hidden- the mysteries but also the shadows within and without can be illuminating and transformative.

yet this new moon tensely aspects uranus, neptune and chiron- which brings a sudden, unexpected quality to the new moon and coming lunar cycle as well as potential for denial, delusion, deception, spiritual bypassing and avoiding reality. we need to be aware of where we are not aware. where are we choosing NOT to see. or perhaps where are others (people, public figures, countries) trying to hide the Truth before our very eyes? this requires deep inner work and confrontation with the self. luckily jupiter in scorpio can help us on this journey!

the ruler of this lunation is venus and she is in libra- the sign she rules and very well placed here. yet she is heading into intense aspects with neptune (quincunx), pluto (square), uranus and eris (opposite) and chiron (quincunx). she is following the footsteps of jupiter who was just in libra and made all the same aspects as well. before we can find peace, balance, harmony and right relationship- we have to acknowledge where are out of balance, out of harmony and out of alignment. shadow dynamics arising right now are showing us what is beneath the surface that we have not looked at or have been avoiding looking at. this is not necessarily bad if we use this astrology wisely!

we are also heading into an alignment of pluto and juno- the God of death and rebirth and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. these two have been dancing with each other since april this year but there exact alignment is on 11/11. we have been in a huge death and rebirth portal in relationships of all kinds- romantic, marriage, business, financial and more. massive transformation is possible but also major endings can be necessary. whatever old, toxic, stagnant, stuck ways of being and doing relationship we have been holding onto can come up for us to let go of.

so this new moon in libra- the sign of partnership- will lead us into the pluto/juno alignment and then the dark moon at the end of this lunar cycle will lead us into lunar samhain (new moon in scorpio on 11/18- please note the we’moon list lunar samhain as the 10/19 new moon but that is not correct- it is the new moon in scorpio). so we are in very huge ending cycles in relationships right now. this could be literal but also metaphoric- with one chapter ending and a new one being written. this can also relate to relationship patterns and karmas we are completing as well. massive endings and new beginnings are incoming ad our willingness to let go of the old will make the coming month more graceful and easeful!

i leave you with elias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 27 libra and also the one for 27 aries where uranus is. they are potent meditations to sit with, so take time if you feel called to meditate on them. the new moon degree shows us where we have fallen off the path and what it will take to shift directions. the uranus degree speaks to where we are playing hide and seek with ourselves and not fully coming through. this new moon help us to see the Big Change required of us right now- personally, collectively, as a humanity, as earth beings and as cosmic beings. this new moon is a call to the ready, the willing and the wise. now is the time!

new moon blessings sent your way (from egypt!)…

~divine harmony

by elias lonsdale

Libra 27 A black leopard beneath a full moon

Feeling deeply connected with the animal instincts. Lavishly gifted with subtle tracker senses. Empowered to tap these subtle layers in all that we say and do.
We are super charged with a feeling tone of resonance, of synchronicity, of each and every aspect of existence interpenetrating all the others and inwardly involved with the whole. Fascinated and compelled to sit back and witness how it all unfolds. Just seeing it, knowing it, sensing it inside. Nothing to be done on the outside.
A feeling underneath of having no way around the fate of pure beholding, devoid of active dynamism. Especially devastatingly made to watch intently and avidly as whatever is most feared comes true, whatever is sought pulls away at the last moment.
A karmic predisposition to grapple with self intensively and to steer clear of further entanglements. It is as though the lessons were so thematic that there is no further room for fresh directions of destiny. The mountainous overlay of what went wrong keeps coming in to be cleared.
The need to find such resiliency of spirit that the lost instincts kick in and the core convictive feeling comes to the rescue. Without this, the bleak prospects seem unrelieved and too much to bear. Yet once the inner self comes alive, none of it is anything other than just what was asked, just what was needed.
An immense battle to believe in and trust the inward experience. So many reasons not to. Such a hard time getting there for self and being willing to be as vulnerable as the soul really feels when it has no place to hide.
Being relentlessly exposed to the substance of having gone far off the intended path. Being alerted to what it will take to shift directions. Being given great assistance and understanding.

Aries 27 A fun house

If you ever can get out of the places you get yourself into, you will have learned a whole lot more than your outer mind flashes on or seemed to be there in the bargain. Sometimes it’s all about getting caught in tight traps and very definitive cycles and then how we do manage to pull ourselves beyond the wreckage into a whole new life, a rebirth.
The intricacies of the pattern are everything. We need the most intriguing and inescapable worlds to get hung up upon and spun around by. Each one has to be such an immense challenge. And in the midst of the madness, it feels to us like this is the one, and we belong this time, and all we have to do is ride it out to wishes-come-true.
But it turns out later that we were playing hide and seek with ourselves and with everybody else. What we were showing at any given point was what strategically fit the situation. We gave little of ourselves away. And eventually that syndrome of getting in and getting out and trying to shunt the edges of disaster proves to be no longer viable. Too little given, not enough in return.
We are in an ego conundrum here. Our self-flattering self praising ego self emphasizes how it looks and how it seems. The one inside who needs to come through is only interested in how it really is. Each of these cycles and contexts is an attempt to break us out of the iron grip of an outer mental self which is hooked on sense phenomena and just not getting it that playing games is a self-sabotaging way to go, with each time only leading back to yet another variation on the theme of hiding out, escaping, playing off of oneself, not being available to the deeper story here.
So we eventually outlast our appearance-in-the-moment existence and we discover that there really is somebody incredible on the inside to be.

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