new moon in taurus: disciplining our desires

by | May 11, 2015 | Astrology Blog

the new moon in taurus is exact on sunday may 17th, 2015 at 9:13pm PDT. typically a venus-ruled new moon in taurus is a great time to set intentions and plant seeds around experiencing more abundance, beauty, safety, security and stability in our lives. yet this new moon is widely aligned with the mars/saturn opposition- an aspect that is exact on thursday but reverberates throughout the week. with the sun and moon conjunct mars and opposite saturn, not to mention the fixed star algol on the new moon- there are other energies that are influencing this typically docile, pleasurable new moon in taurus.

typically a new moon in taurus is about indulgence and pleasure- yet karmic, task master saturn is opposite the lunation- pointing to our need to reign things in, discipline ourselves, and pay off debt before we purchase something new and expensive ;) to add to this mars is opposite saturn throughout the week (exact on thursday)- so there’s a healthy dose of restraint and restriction playing out on our will, desire and warrior nature. new moons resonate with mars energy (a new moon can be likened until the sign of aries- just like a dark moon can be likened until the sign of pisces)- so typically there’s a desire to act, take initiative and move out into the world! yet mars/saturn says ‘be disciplined, think about the long term consequences and don’t let your lower chakra passions and desires run the show without being filtered through your Higher chakra awareness and Self.

last week (on sunday 5/10) venus tensely aspected saturn and the week before mercury did the same (also on sunday 5/3). because of mercury’s upcoming retrograde station (on 5/18) he will energize saturn again when he stations direct in close opposition to him (6/11). so we have all been in this saturn frequency for a while as he has been testing, restricting, disciplining and refining our minds (mercury), our values (venus) and our actions (mars). aligning with mastery, maturity and integrity right now is key in navigating the cosmic weather pattern as a result.

this new moon is conjunct algol- traditionally known as the demon star and considered very negative. algol is the eye of medusa and medusa was a Dark Goddess figure of power and intuition. everything about medusa is symbolic: the snakes in her hair represent wisdom and a connection to Goddess culture, her ability to turn man to stone when he looks into her eyes represents her ability to see beyond the facade and get to the Truth. one of the most common totem animals of Dark Goddesses throughout history is the owl- the raptor that can see in the dark and see into and through the shadow. i don’t see algol as evil at all- i see her as powerful and potent. just like anything powerful and potent- how you use the energy (or misuse it as the case would be) determines how it will manifest. algol can bring potent insight, intuitive hits and ability to suss out the Truth from a bunch of lies. yet unconsciously channelled algol energy can come out in rage, violence, aggression and power/control dynamics. ultimately it is up to us and how we work the energy that determines how we will experience the face of medusa (will she reveal Truth to you or will she turn you to stone?)

the ruler of this lunation is venus in cancer, who in sweet aspect to neptune- the Higher Heart. this is a reminder that when we come from the Higher Heart, unconditional Love and compassion- whatever it is we have to face (shadow within or shadow without) will not destroy us. venus is also in sweet aspect to mercury, linking the mind and the heart, thoughts and feelings- helping us to navigate the terrain of both and find a middle point of balance between them.

venus makes some tense aspects as well though- and considering the whole upcoming lunar month is governed by her it would be good to pay attention to them. first of all venus is squares the nodes in the new moon chart, symbolizing a pivotal point of choice we are being brought to in relationship, money situations, or situations regarding our personal values and self-worth. we are at a crossroads and we can take the path we have tread over and over again or we can take a new, unknown one. the path of growth is not easy, whereas the path of least resistance usually just breeds more karma. venus rules the north node and mars (who is opposite saturn) rules the south node- bringing relationship dynamics (within and without) into focus at this lunation.

venus is also heading into trigger the uranus/pluto square next week (she opposes pluto on the 21st and squares uranus on the 25th)- so we have the Goddess of Love and beauty heading into wake up/shake up territory. the last uranus/pluto square is past us but similar to a huge earthquake being over- there can be smaller aftershocks later that help to release pent up energy and ensure that the necessary changes (externally or internally within our psyches) are being made. perhaps venus square the nodes (exact on 5/14) is an opportunity for us to realign and prepare for the shifts coming in the next couple of weeks? we can be agents of change or victims of it- it really is up to us to choose with our consciousness rather than our fears or attachments to the past.

one other aspect to take note of in the lunation chart is the yod, or finger of God/Goddess formed by stationary mercury (set to go retrograde on 5/18), jupiter and juno (who were just conjunct the day before the lunation on 5/16) and retrograde pluto in capricorn. with mercury at a standstill- information, insights and awarenesses incoming should be paid attention to. at the same time mercury is about to go retrograde so all kinds of mercury-related snafus with communication, technology, travel and commerce are also likely (so tread lightly and have patience!). with mercury linking up with jupiter and juno- we have a great aspect for communication, teaching, travel, learning and exploration. all three of these bodies tensely link up with pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. mercury in gemini is light and carefree and jupiter and juno in leo are fun-loving and creative- but pluto in the mix adds a depth, intensity and interest in seeing not just the Light and Love but also the shadow. this is echoed by algol on the new moon- as she has a Light side but also a deep dark side. to only see one half of the equation is to miss the whole picture- and the yod with mercury/jupiter/juno and pluto is reminder of this.

i see this lunation as fertile and potent. i know some astrologers may say that because algol is involved it is negative in it’s expression. i personally disagree. before patriarchy took over and rewrote a lot of the Goddess myths- medusa was revered and benevolent. it’s only when the masculine dominance came in that the empowered, magical, sexually independent energies of Dark Goddess figures had to be repressed and demonized (because of fear of feminine power). so this lunation is a good one to really sit with what feminine power means- within yourself (we all have a feminine side) and out in the world. feeling into where you cut yourself off from your own embodiment of power and/or where you make yourself or others small so you can fit into the world’s mold can be deeply insightful and healing right now.

if you find yourself up against your stuff this week or faced with limitations or restrictions- instead of running away or running at it like a crazed warrior- so if you can sit with the discomfort and find ways to work creatively and expansively amidst limitation and set boundaries. when we can feel free even in the midst of perceived restrictions on our freedom (externally or internally)- then we have found that sweet spot of Inner Freedom. and once you have attained that- you will not need it to be realized outside of yourself to make life easier to live. you will have become that which you seek!

have a blessed dark moon (friday, saturday and most of sunday) and new moon in taurus!

~divine harmony

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