Monday September 28th 2020

we are in a powerful outer planet transit right now that began on april 20th when neptune quincunxed the mean north node and lasts until next week on may 6th when neptune quincunxes the true north node. this powerful energy permeates the entire month of april and may- and it is one of the dominating signatures in the background of all the astrology playing out right now, so it would be good to become familiar with it (so you can work with it consciously!)

neptune is the planet of mysticism, romance, idealism, compassion, selfless service and Unconditional Love. he is the higher octave of venus and is considered to be the Higher Heart as a result. he does have a shadow side though (as everything does) which can manifest as addiction, victimization, denial, illusion, delusion and avoidance of reality.

the north node represents our path of destiny, growth and evolution. it is always exactly opposite the south node, which represents our karmic patterns and the past. the nodes are often likened to the dragons head (north node) and the dragon’s tail (south node). since past patterns create neural pathways that we tend to default to- our journey is to align with the north node so we can break free from playing out similar lessons/patterns/karma over and over again ad nausea.

the north node is the place we are meant to grow into- yet this growth is not easy and its often not what we consciously would choose. the north node is where we are pushed out of the nest and we have to figure out how to fly falling down. the south node has a comfy cozy feeling to it- but it’s also where we can get stuck, stagnant and caught in karmic loops that feel like they are impossible to find release from.

with neptune tensely aspecting the north node and sweetly aspecting the south node- there’s a huge focus on our personal and collective path of growth and evolution and how we balance that with the past, karmic patterns and old ways of being and doing. the seduction of the past and the desire to check out, deny things or ignore reality can be high. yet the north node in libra demands that we move beyond this lethargy and passivity and move towards finding balance between our yin (passive/surrendering side) and yang (active/moving out into the world and getting things done side).

right now it is key that we look at any issues we have with boundaries, enabling, denial, avoidance, addiction or playing the victim or martyr in our relationships right now. these very patterns can be hindering us from the growth, evolution and connection we seek. with both bodies in signs that tend to focus on others (pisces and libra)- being able to discern when we are focusing on others so we can avoid focusing on ourselves is part of the learning right now.

ultimately some aspect of our destined path is shifting and changing right now. with neptune quincunx the north node it serves us all to be open to dissolution of one path so that coagulation/formation of another can take place.

on a more broader, collective scale- neptune quincunx north node demands that we don’t just take things at face value. we need to ask questions and see both sides of things before we can discern what is Truth and what is illusion (also a theme of the upcoming mercury retrograde journey!). the shadow sides of neptune in pisces collectively speaking can be manipulation of the collective through media and hypnotizing people deeper into their addictions (shopping! drugs/alcohol! sex! fame!)- so that we are so caught up in these things that we miss what is really going on in the world around us.

for more information on this transit check last week’s horoscopes. and pay attention to what is going on in the upcoming week as neptune quincunx the true node is exact on wednesday and mercury will trigger both from thursday through sunday. this will be a theme repeated 3 times by mercury throughout his entire retrograde dance- so this coming week can provide insight on what this means for you personally as well as what it means for us all collectively.

yours in the stars…

~divine harmony

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