Wednesday December 1st 2021

mutable grand cross- seeing through the haze

happy thursday! i post daily on my Facebook fan page and i keep meaning to post what i post there here on my website. i am working on this (lots of things on my to do list!) but wanted to be sure to post this one today as it’s pertinent and important to pay attention considering the gravity and length of the jupiter/saturn/neptune transit ahead. if you don’t check my Facebook fan page regularly i post things on there i don’t post here (at least for now)- so do check it out here-

have a lovely day!


the only aspects today are moon aspects and with the MOON IN GEMINI TRIGGERING the T SQUARE BETWEEN JUPITER, SATURN AND NEPTUNE over the next 24 hours- (moon squares jupiter early tomorrow morning)- we’d all do well to question what we hear, think, say or realize. saturn demands we deal with reality and hear/speak the Truth! while neptune in pisces wants everyone to just get along and will sweep whatever is ugly or unsavory (from others but also coming from the self) underneath the carpet. jupiter acts as a fire lighting a match so he expands but also exacerbates whatever he touches. being able to discern where we are being responsible and where we are being deceptive, where we are speaking or not speaking the whole Truth to help others or where we are speaking or not speaking the whole Truth to hide something from others (or hide something from ourselves) is key today.

the SATURN/NEPTUNE SQUARE is building and the first one is exact on thanksgiving morning! this aspect is with us throughout 2016- so what is on your plate right now when it comes to speaking/living/seeing the Truth versus lies/illusion is not going anyway anytime soon. may as well dig your head out of the sand, take your rose colored glasses off and start seeing yourself, others and the world around you more clearly!

the Highest expression of saturn square neptune is seeing the beauty in everything and everyone AND seeing the shadow (with eyes wide open). pisces has a gift of seeing the potential in something (of someone, a situation or the self)- but we have to have some saturn in there to help us see if that person, situation or ourself is living that potential or if it won’t be realized for 10 more years or 10 more lifetimes. choices in the present moment have to be made based on what presents itself TODAY- not what could be possibly/maybe/if xyz down the line. yet how to do this without losing faith, trust and the ability to live with an open heart? how to deal with reality without losing touch with our dreams and vision? how to have boundaries without being closed off- but also have an open heart without being taken advantage of? that is the lesson in the next year! pay attention to where it’s manifesting in your life right now and get to learning and mastering the lesson to get a jump start on the year ahead smile :)


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