moving from fixed to mutable- the changing of the times

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Astrology Blog

i have been noticing and studying the precession of the royal fixed stars for a while now and have been incubating an idea i have been doing deep research on- that of the fixed cross precessing into the mutable cross and our need for a new mythology. i feel it is time to publicly write about it now that it’s been percolating in my being long enough :)

uranus stations retrograde at 14’47 taurus on august 19th, 2021- 13 minutes shy of the solar beltane degree and precise midpoint of summer solstice and fall equinox (midpoint of winter and spring if you live in the southern hemisphere). uranus’ exact transit over 15’00 taurus will be in 2022 but right now we are getting a preview of what is to come with the station happening so very close.

the 4 royal fixed stars are aldebaran, regulus, antares and fomalhaut. they have been called the fixed cross as they have spent 2000 years each in the fixed signs- which we can see in so much of our mythology. when i was in paris i noticed that the chapels had all manner of art depicting the bull (taurus), the lion (leo), the eagle (scorpio) and the man (aquarius). the wheel of fortune and world tarot cards also show this symbolism in the rider waite deck. yet as of 2012 all four of these stars have precessed into mutable signs (tropical astrology) and the fixed cross is no longer fixed! (see notes below for details about when the stars sign position changed)

since 2012- a time important to the ancient mayans- we have been moving into new territory that requires we create and live into new myths. with the fixed cross we had unchanging, unmoving, digging in their heels fixed signs. now we have mutable signs that are all about change, transformation and releasing the old to create space for the new. mutable signs literally represent the change of the seasons- and moving into a new 2000 year cycle with all 4 royal fixed stars in mutable speaks to changes of an age or epoch.

we can understand this change by breaking it down a bit. first of all we move out of a fixed cross made up of 3 beasts (taurus, leo, scorpio) and one man (aquarius) and we move into a mutable cross made up of twin humans, a virgin woman, a half horse/half man archer and two pisces fishes. so we move from 3 beasts/1 human- to 3 with human aspects and one water creature.

interestingly we now move into a myth that includes duality/polarity – an ability to hold the tension of the opposites. two twins- the dark twin and light twin. a virgin woman who is both virgin and sacred whore. a half man/half horse being (centaur). and two fishes swimming in the opposite direction.

in the fixed cross we had fixed positions, tradition and constancy – but also some bull headedness (taurus), big ego (leo), power trips (scorpio) and a mind disconnected from the heart (aquarius) (NOTE- these are all the shadow sides of the fixed signs). that about sums up the shadow of humanity the last 2000+ years, wouldn’t you say? (at least speaking to the ones in power).

guess what the mutable cross allows for us? integration of duality! we can embrace our light and shadow (twins), our virginity and sexuality (virgo), our animal nature and human nature (sagittarius) and our dualistic impulses (pisces). we can be BOTH AND- this AND that. we can reclaim our lost parts so we can heal and bring them all back into wholeness!

we also move from a fixed cross ruled by venus pandemos/venus in her earthly aspect (taurus), the sun (leo), mars/pluto (scorpio) and saturn/uranus (aquarius) – into a mutable cross ruled by mercury (gemini & virgo), jupiter (sagittarius/pisces) and neptune (pisces). we move out of a cross in part governed by the yang masculine planets (sun/mars) and the malefics (mars/saturn). and we move into a cross governed by the winged messenger and the two planets connected to spirituality- jupiter who governs expansion and opportunity and neptune who governs mysticism and unconditional Love. i don’t know about you but i am ready for this shift. for me mercury, jupiter and neptune as rulers will help open minds and open hearts! something we desperately need on this planet in my opinion.

we need a new mythology and we need new art, stories, ideas and beliefs to reflect it. i envision a female mermaid (virgo/pisces) with two faces both light and dark (gemini) carrying an archery bow and arrow. what do you envision?

we are in the midst of important times on planet earth. huge shifts are upon us. times are a-changing and so must we. i hope you will help me in envisioning new myths we can live that will help us not only survive but THRIVE on this blessed planet. if we do not want to move into the next great extinction of humanity- we have to be willing to change. letting go of the fixed cross, fixed positions and resistance to change is the name of the new game.

change is in the air! ride the current of it and let’s have some fun as we create the new :)



ALDEBARAN- moved out of taurus and into gemini in 1286 AD

REGULUS- moved out of leo and into virgo in 2012 AD

ANTARES- moved out of scorpio and into sagittarius in 1272 AD

FOMALHAUT- moved out of aquarius and into pisces 1725 AD

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