Wednesday December 1st 2021

moon wobble…

currently we are in a moon wobble. this occurs when the sun and node are in the same sign, opposing signs or when the sun is square the nodes. when the sun and nodes make aspects of 0, 90 or 180 degrees (conjunction, square or opposition) the moon actually wobbles in its path by declination. moon wobbles occur every 86.5 days (average) and can be felt a week before and a few days after the the precise aspect of sun with nodes.

they say that moon wobbles create distrubances in the emotional and energetic field. some astrologers have pointed out that environmental disasters happen more often when the moon wobbles. during moon wobbles time and space is seemingly more unstable, and as such so is the earth, our emotions and our physical experience. (reference for info above is an article by rob tillett on

the sun will square the nodes on 2/28- which is the exact date of another intense aspect involving transiting chiron’s square to transiting juno. this is a very intense day- especially in regards to relationships. chiron is the wounded healer and he activates old wounds and pain so that we can become aware, do the healing work necessary and expand our consciousness. juno governs partnerships and marriage. a square between these two can bring up a lot of old unresolved pain and wounds in our current and past partnerships. what is coming up is likely rooted in a childhood experience- or even past life- but it is playing out today with someone who is activating all that old stuff for us. with the moon wobble happening on the same day as chiron square the nodes the potential for intense emotional energy and instability in partnership is HUGE. so be aware.

a reader recently emailed me asking if the new moon was not as auspicious as it would be because of this moon wobble. here is what i wrote back to him:

“thank you for your email. a moon wobble is very emotionally intense- but it does not make this new moon inauspicious or negative. neptune has just moved into pisces for the first time since 1861- so this new moon in neptune’s sign AND conjunct neptune is very significant. there are a lot of very positive aspects to this new moon- as i talked about in the lunar insight. but there are also some intense ones- such as new moon conjunct chiron and tense aspects involving venus and juno. this is likely to bring up old wounds and pain in relationships- particularly around boundaries and balance of give/take, self/other. a moon wobble is actually the perfect thing for a neptune initiation- it knocks you off your feet (like neptune does) and makes you tune into something on the inner level rather than the outer, chaotic level.

the moon wobble is exact on 2/28- which is when transiting chiron is exactly square juno- so again themes of wounding in partnership and relationship is up big time. there are a lot of celebs in the news that are separating or possibly splitting up. old unresolved emotional material is up for couples right now, the more that is unresolved/incomplete the worse it’s going to be.

i still feel this is a very potent new moon- but because it involves pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is it is like a dark new moon (as i entitled the astrology blog post about the new moon). it is about new beginnings that are predicated on endings/dying/releasing the old. there is a lot of purging going on right now- and it’s a necessary part of completing one journey and embarking on the next.”

so that is my take on the moon wobble with the new moon :) february 28th is definitely a day to circle on your calendar and move through the day with more awareness though. it’s not for the faint of heart! ;)

sending happy new moon vibes your way…

~divine harmony

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