Tuesday October 26th 2021

mercury retrograde madness…

hello all- just an update for my subscribers.  horoscopes will be up *hopefully* by 12noon PDT.  yesterday my sacroiliac went out and i am barely able to sit in a chair right now to type.  in addition my childcare coverage for summer in sedona while my husband is traveling fell through and i am scrambling to find a part time babysitter so i can get my work done this week (and beyond).  so please have a little patience with me- i appreciate it in advance!

in the meantime be sure to check both blogs linked below.  the weekly forecast gives you in-depth analysis of this week’s astrology and the lunar insight on the full moon in sadge (exact early tomorrow morning) let’s you know what’s up with the lunar energies right now.  i am definitely feeling saturn myself!  (he is squaring my ascendant- and he rules things like your back and sacroiliac upon which your whole physical embodiment is supported).

sending you all much Love…






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